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Dec 8, 2021
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Just picked up an S3 8P Sportback (Black Edition) and I'm looking to do some bits to get it up to scratch. It needs a full service and the regular bits checking / changing... fuel filter, cam follower, water pump, cambelt, etc, etc.

What I'd like to know is recommendations for uprated / aftermarket parts, if anyone has any suggestions? I've done loads of bits to my Octavia so I have a general idea of what needs doing, but the main recommendations I'm after are:

- Diverter Valve (seen mixed reviews of GFB DV+)
- Intercooler
- CAI (already has a Ramair, but is there a better option?)
- Exhaust (turbo back)
- Catch can (?)
- Fuel pump
- Are APR coilpacks worth doing?
- Best spark plugs

Ideally I'd like to Stage 2 the motor at some point, so any other tuning recommendations are welcome... as are recommendations for cosmetic / exterior mods (lights, exterior stuff like spoilers / splitters, anti-roll bars, etc).

Cheers everyone - all help appreciated :skull:
It all depends on your budget regarding quality of the tuning parts used. I like the car to look standard so cannot assist with any body modifications. So looking at your list:

DV+ , I have one with no problems. Make sure it is well lubricated on assembly. Alternatively, the revision G standard diverter valve is good but be prepared to replace it if the diaphragm splits.
I have the Wagner intercoooler, excellent product.
I run a modified Revo CAI with a ProRam filter.
BCS or Cobra exhaust. I have the BCS which is quiet off boost ( maybe too quiet) but suitably racy on boost. I also have the 3.5” downpipe.
No catch can, some people find the car smokes too much. Better to have the latest standard pcv valve.
I have a Loba hpfp but a rebuilt standard pump with VIS internals is well regarded.
Rather than APR coils, I’d buy genuine R8 from AJS tuning.
NGK BKR7EIX spark plugs
Additionally, you will need an RS4 fuel pressure relief valve.
with this kit you can go for stage 2+ tuning which releases more torque than stage 2.
You may need an inlet valve walnut blast and injector service depending on mileage.
I would use RTech for all the work including the tune but you have to book early as they get very busy. My car has an APR tune that I may change to RTech next year. A custom tune to the hardware on your car is better than a generic flash. You cannot get an APR stage 2+ tune any longer, only stage 1 for the road.
Be aware that suspension and brakes may need upgrading to cope with 365+ BHP and 390+ Lbs ft of torque.