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Audi-Sport.net Rules & Usage Guidelines

Audi-Sport.net prides itself on being a large helpful and friendly community for all its members. To ensure this continues there are a set of rules and guidelines with which we request all members comply. Members who violate these rules/guidelines risk restrictions on their access to the community or temporary/indefinite exclusion.

Audi-Sport.net is operated by volunteers. Administrators and Moderators donate their time to help keep the community running smoothly and to the equal benefit of users. Please try to avoid complicating this task by complying with their requests. If there are grounds for disagreement please voice your concerns to the Administrator/Moderator involved calmly and via private message. The team is made up of reasonable individuals who are happy to discuss or explain issues. In the unlikely event that a matter cannot be resolved easily, please contact (again calmly) another Moderator or FactionOne (lead Administrator) directly and they will endeavour to conciliate neutrally. Conducting argument instead of discussion, particularly in public, is likely to yield one result - sanctions on your account. Please remember that access to the site is not a right but a privilege and is only granted at the discretion of the owners of the site.


(1) Personal abuse of other Audi-Sport.net members is not permitted. If you disagree with something another member says, by all means discuss the topic with them and use whatever facts and evidence you wish to support your views. Personal abuse/attacks only suggest that you cannot support your views in any other way. Behaviour of this type will not be tolerated. For the protection of all members we operate a simple and discreet post reporting system which, within a couple of clicks, notifies Administrators/Moderators to unsuitable content so that action can be taken.

(2) Content in any form (text, images, audio/video) which is threatening, harassing, racist, pornographic or otherwise broadly obscene/offensive in any way is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Swearing is not permitted and in the majority of cases will be filtered automatically; attempts to circumvent this system may lead to restrictions on your account. The simple and discreet post reporting system mentioned in (1) above should also be used to alert Administrators/Moderators to prohibited content of this type.

(3) Remember that you, and you alone, are liable for the content of your contributions to Audi-Sport.net. Do not submit content which is libellous, inflammatory, in breach of copyright/trademark/patent, or otherwise of questionable legality. Your details and IP address are logged with each post. If required by law, Audi-Sport.net may release these details to the relevant authorities. In the unlikely event of this being required we will try to deliver advance notice to your registered email address, unless we believe that the law requires us to release them beforehand.

(4) The first language of Audi-Sport.net is English. If your first language is also English, please try to make sure this is obvious to people reading your posts. Refrain from posting messages in 'txt spk' or any other gibberish. Try to form reasonably constructed sentences with the basic tools of language you learned as a youngster. If you don't do this, do not be surprised if you receive little or no reply to your post, and a private message from a Moderator advising you to try harder. If there's a valid reason why you can't, we'll take that into account. From everyone else, we'd appreciate a bit of effort.

(5) Commercial trading on Audi-Sport.net is permitted only by authorised partner companies. Commercial content submitted outside this condition is liable to be deleted and sanctions are likely to be imposed on the offending account. Private trading (between individuals) must only be conducted within the Classifieds section of the site or via private message. New posts must not be made in the forum areas solely for the purpose of advertising. Members may, at the discretion of Administrators & Moderators include small text links to classified advertisements in their signature; further detail on this can be found in (7) below. All advertising and trading whether commercial or not is at the discretion of the audi-sport.net.

(6) Audi-Sport.net recognises the value to its members and the wider community of 'Group Buys' - a practice in which a member or trader negotiates a discount for a particular product or service based upon a minimum required quantity to be purchased/undertaken. It is in the interests of Audi-Sport.net, its members, partner companies and the wider community that these are managed as carefully as possible. ANYONE wishing to publicise/offer a 'Group Buy' on Audi-Sport.net MUST contact a site Administrator (click HERE or HERE) to discuss/negotiate each 'Group Buy'. Failure to do so may result in the 'Group Buy' being removed from the site, and/or sanctions on the originating account.

(7) Forum signatures are permitted up to a maximum size (unless agreed by special request to an Administrator or Moderator). If you wish to include an image it should not be more than 400 pixels wide and 125 pixels high, you may also include up to two lines of standard size text. If you do not wish to include an image you may include up to five lines of standard size text. Links are permitted in signatures to private classified advertisements and personal/non-commercial websites, and within the maximum signature size limits described previously.

(8) Multiple accounts are not permitted (except in extenuating circumstances and with prior agreement of Administrators). The most common reason for operating more than one account is to mislead others or unfairly influence them, or the wider community. If users are found to be operating multiple accounts without authorisation, one (or in extreme cases all) of them are liable to be banned/deleted.

(9) Threads (topics) and/or posts may be locked, moved or removed by Administrators/Moderators if they are deemed to be incorrectly submitted (in the incorrect location), closely duplicating a recent or ongoing thread, or unsuitable. Please do not be offended, and be aware that threads submitted correctly in the first instance are likely to receive a greater number of more useful replies.

(10) Unauthorised (or authorised but reckless) use of the Audi-Sport.net name/brand is prohibited and action will likely be taken swiftly to prevent this. Discrediting Audi-Sport.net or over-publicising competing/rival websites is also unacceptable. Unless clearly stated otherwise by an Audi-Sport.net Administrator, or in the case of a link purely for commercial (advertising) reasons, Audi-Sport.net is in no way affiliated with any other forum or website.

(11) Views expressed on Audi-Sport.net are the personal views of the individual contributing them and not that of Audi-Sport.net, its owners or operators. Audi-Sport.net, its owners and operators cannot be held liable for any injury/loss/damage to persons or property resulting from the use of this website.

Although the administrators and moderators of Audi-Sport.net will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Audi-Sport.net, nor vBulletin Solutions, Inc. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violation of any laws. The owners of Audi-Sport.net reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason. Access, Membership to the site is also at the discretion of the site owners and many-be revoked, removed or deleted without prior notice or reason.

Document updated at 02:15 on 06/12/12 to clarify general wording