stage 2

  1. EddieRS3

    So I went to Infinit Performance.....

    I've not been on the forum for a while but just happened to read through yesterday and felt I needed to post this really. I've had my car tweaked at Infinit, facelift RS3 (18) and the service has been absolutely second to none. I actually went to see him after the original Boycott page was...
  2. Les.Tansey

    S4 B6 Stage 2 Remap with Crackles & Pops and Milltek Non-Resonated Cat Back Exhaust

    Hi guys and girls, I'm Les, I drive a manual Goodwood Green S4 B6 Avant, I've had it almost 3 years now and absolutely love the thing! I'm looking for some advice on Remaps mainly, but I'd be really happy if I could get all of the work in the title done under one roof at a resonable price but...
  3. Tristan

    For Sale Rs3 facelife 034 motorsports rear sway bar with anti roll bar bushes and billet clamps

    For sale is a used rs3 facelift 8v 034 motorsports rear sway bar. Stiffness adjustment according to requirements and preferences applicable. As an upgrade and build quality the thicker 25mm thick sway bar noticeably improves cornering greatly due to less body roll. Works well with other...
  4. Tristan

    For Sale Rs3 facelift daza milltek non resonated catback exhaust.

    For sale is a milltek non resonated catback for rs3 facelift daza. Works with stock valves. Taken off a stage 2+ being put back to stock so have many engine/chassis parts of the highest quality available. 1100 or nearest for the milltek catback
  5. Tristan

    For Sale Wagner evo 3 intercooler for rs3 facelift

    For sale is a wagner evo 3 intercooler for rs3 facelift with adaptive cruise control only. Premium option for stage 2/3 and beyond. I am putting a stage 2+ back to stock due to selling it in factory form, so will have many premium parts both engine and chassis parts of the highest quality. 1100...
  6. Tristan

    For Sale Eventuri stage 3 intake for daza facelift Rs3

    For sale I have a 10 day old stage 3 eventuri intake for 1350 or nearest offer. It is in immaculate condition and I am also breaking other premium engine bolt ons/ chassis bolt ons as I am looking to sell my car in factory form
  7. D

    Stage 2

    Has anyone took 2.0tdi too stage 2 ,In process of getting dpf downpipe and wondering about what performance to expect
  8. Tristan

    For Sale Rs3 8v DAZA Facelift Eventuri stage 3 intake and 4" turbo elbow inlet for sale

    Hi guys for sale I have an eventuri stage 3 intake. It's a monster of an intake and is a must in terms of optimising air flow at stage 2 or even better with stage 3. As well as the performance side of things, the sound of the turbo spooling and the waste gate fluttering is also enhanced in...
  9. WozaS3

    Facelift The Journey to Stage 3+!

    Hi Guys! Owned her for 2yrs+.. now its time to mod her and get her legs stretched! Car is booked in for some major work over the next few months - I will be filming it all! Check out my channel and follow if it tickles your fancy?
  10. Tristan

    For Sale Forge turbo inlet pipe/eventuri gen 1 intake for rs3 facelift

    Hi guys for sale I have a forge turbo inlet pipe for 100 pounds. As well as this i have an eventuri gen 1 intake for 900. Can sell them separately if both are not required. Forge turbo inlet retails close to 200 pounds and the eventuri retails at 1400 pounds or so. With these components along...
  11. Tristan

    For Sale Forge turbo inlet pipe/eventuri gen 1 intake for rs3 8v facelift

    Hi guys, for sale I have a forge turbo inlet pipe for 100 pounds and an eventuri gen 1 intake for 900. Both parts should be available from next week. I'm looking to go stage 3 so literally trying to oversize piping and breathing components by roughly a inch, hence why I would look to replace...
  12. R

    For Sale AUDI B8 S4 MRC STAGE 2 FOR SALE (480BHP)

    Hi all, Long-time lurker on this site - I've learned a lot! Unfortunately I'm now selling me S4 - let me know if interested. AUDI B8 S4, MRC STAGE 2, MANUAL GEARBOX. IN EXCELLENT CONDITION INSIDE AND OUT. FULL SERVICE HISTORY (MOSTLY AUDI). WILL BE SOLD WITH 1 YEAR MOT. MRC stage 2 (from 65k...
  13. T

    For Sale RS4 Style S4 B8 Saloon, 3L V6 490 BHP, Lots of history, Featured in Performance Audi Magazine

    Welcome! With regret the time has come to put this beautiful car up for sale which I've owned for 5 months with the sole intention to take it around Europe on an extended trip. From cold starts in the 5c UK morning to high speed cruising through France in the 38c summer heat, it never let us...
  14. MonkeyFiddler

    S3 8V Pre-Stage 2 Questions

    Hi, I currently have a Revo Stage 1 S3 and I'm looking to go to Stage 2. I've been thinking about this for some time and the one thing I'm concerned about is the life of the engine post-upgrade. What are the chances the extra power is going to break something? I know people have taken theirs...
  15. MerlinTwist

    Integrated Engineering

    Curious to see who has went down the Integrated Engineering route in the UK with their B8/B8.5 S4 and maybe hear some feedback. I know lots of people are "MRC or bust" but I'm interested to see what the results are of other options. I've come from MPS's where road tuning, datalogging and...
  16. ohmyaudi

    Catback milltek or decat & stage 2?

    I'm currently stage 1 with a res delete and pops and bangs mapped in, but I want something louder and more aggressive. Do I go milltek non res non valved catback? (Although would this drone be too much on motorway?) Or do I go decat and therefore stage 2 (with more pops and bangs) , plus a dsg...
  17. TomBlueS3

    Revo/Stage 2/Overrun

    Hi all, Just thought I’d share, today I’ve been lucky enough to go Stage 2 Revo with overrun + TCU map. Everyone says that Stage 1 is the biggest bang for buck and Stage 2 is only slightly improved - I find it the other way, Stage 1 was great but Stage 2 IS ABSOLUTELY MENTAL, plenty of low...
  18. TomBlueS3

    Revo Overrun map?

    Hi all, Revo have finally released their exhaust overrun map! Has anyone been and got it yet? I’m booked in the next few weeks for the upgrade, I’m really looking forward to hearing it. Revo describe it as ‘OEM+ and not pops and bags’ which I think will be in keeping with the Audi badge. If...
  19. N

    Questions about the S1

    Hi guys. Im new to the forums as im potentially considering getting an S1 in the coming months and just am researching what I would like to have and need to know so I have a few questions. Id be thinking about going stage 2 (lets be honest we all get bored quick) but understand that the clutches...
  20. TomBlueS3

    Stage 2 Map

    Hi, I am particularly interested to hear from anyone Stage 2 with Revo but obviously anyone Stage 2 regardless of mapping company your advice/comments is welcome. I’m currently Stage 1 Revo and will be going Stage 2 when they bring out their crackle map (May 2019 fingers crossed). I know an...