1. Audi98

    Cruise control retrofit

    Hi is anyone able to code in Cruise control in a 2010 Audi A3 in the W Midlands area?
  2. D

    Help Please | A4 Avant S-Line Black Edition | Where to start with finding a new front bumper?!

    Hi all, Hoping I can get some help with finding a new bumper for my A4. Someone scraped me in a car park and my front bumper is now cracked beyond repair :( I'm not really sure where to look. I've done some googling and had a browse on eBay but can't seem to find anything for a black edition...
  3. KudoWarrior

    For Sale A4 B8.5 Various internal cluster parts (vents/handles etc)

    I've listed the parts with their Audi verified OEM prices and then my price will basically be 50% off that. Condition: All OEM, USED but AS GOOD AS NEW. (No scuffs or damage that the eye can see) OEM Parts & Prices: 1 x 8K0857535E (Driver wing mirror- heated glass only) -...
  4. R

    For Sale Lots of V6 biturbo parts

    I used to be obsessed with these 10-15 years ago, which is about as long as most of these parts have been lying around. I used to collect unusual parts to customise how the car would run Let me know if you have a project v6 turbo land yacht S4, RS4, A6 or Passat and I will have something that...
  5. K

    Best breakers/Parts source for S3 8P? (Rear diff)

    Hi, I'm getting a whine from the rear diff on run down so looks like it needs replacing according to the garage. The garage (a decent Audi indy) have told me a new one is £2-3k apparently from Audi. They are more than happy to fit one but obviously wont source used parts. Where is the best place...
  6. C

    Facelift Footwell Lighting Colour change

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has found a plug and play footwell lighting module that's a different colour, red for example. Old part no; 4G0 919 390C AUDI S3 8V FL Cheers
  7. B

    S3 8v replacement service parts

    Hi all, Does anyone happen to know the part no's for the S3 8v service parts below? Which brand do Audi use? I believe the brake pads are TRW but not sure on the others. Air filter Oil filter Pollen filter Spark plugs Brake pads Brake discs Thanks
  8. Haudi.RS3

    Sportback PFL RS3 Grille with ACC

    Hi guys damaged my front grille on PFL RS3 with adaptive cruise control. I was wondering if there is any replacement for them other than going through Audi who want 1300$. Only managed to find FL grilles and ones without adaptive cruise control, 1) Can you fit a FL grille on a PFL? Thank you
  9. kpm278

    Where do you buy your sensors from?

    I'm sure with sensors and things it pays to go genuine. Where do you get them from? I see eBay has alot of what I'm after but certainly no guarantees it's any good. Is there a motor factor or someone like TPS? Obviously I could go to Audi if I wanted to pay top dollar.
  10. DanielF

    Business Venture help

    Good evening All, I am looking to set up my own business with the overall aim to be creating visual car parts in a number with 3D printing and also potentially creating carbon fibre parts for both interior and exterior. I would appreciate peoples feedback whether they believe this would be a...
  11. M

    A/C flap actuator location? map of parts HELP!!

    Hello everyone, I'll try to keep it simple, a3/2015 fwd PFL(USA), I took my car to the dealer after finding some faults on my A/C with OBDELEVEN, they quoted me $500+, and told me that these 2 pieces needed to be changed: 1)5q0907511L 2)5q0907511A I was able to find the parts cheaper and OEM...
  12. ZIPPY2019

    Where is the best place for GENUINE AUDI PARTS?

    Hi all, Can anyone reccommend a good place to get OEM genuine audi parts for my 2009 1.6 A3 Any pointers would be greatly appreciated Many thanks
  13. Harry P

    Wanted 8v PARTS WANTED

    Hi everyone I have a 5 door s line facelift Sportback and I am looking for a s3 rear diffuser to fit. I'm assuming ill be needing a 2016 and onwards diffuser so if anyone has one for sale or knows any one could you let me know! preferably Cheshire or Shropshire area. thank you.
  14. ZIPPY2019

    70K AUDI A3 1.6 2009

    2009 AUDI A3 1.6 SPORTPACK 8P I've just hit 70k miles and was wondering if there any parts that I should check or replace that are not part of normal servicing? THANK YOU :)
  15. MrSaetervik

    1.9TDI - Upgraded Engine Mounts?

    As there are very little to no upgraded parts for the 1.9TDI out and about I must ask you guys. Does upgraded engine mounts for this engine even exist? If so, where?
  16. Jiggsy Jnr

    MMI Control Panel replacement support

    Good morning all, I'm looking to swap out my MMI control panel as I have damaged my current one as an air-freshener had lent against it in the hot sun and warped the plastic causing it to crack and peel. I'm going to purchase one from ebay. Are these just plug and play or do they need to be...
  17. S1MPO

    A4 B8 1.8 TFSI Performance Parts

    Hi, I’m a new owner of a A4 B8 1.8TFSI and I’m looking to remap the car to stage 2. However, I’m looking for performance parts such as intake, downpipe etc. But the only ones I can find are for the 2.0 TFSI. Would these fit my car? If not do you have any suggestions where I could find parts...
  18. Emir Demirovski

    Anybody got a rear right door ?

    Hi, i'm new here. I'm asking if anyone got a rear right door for a sportback 08>12. If possible with paint code LX5Q.
  19. Michael Paul shields


    Hi i have heard people talking about car sponsors can anyone tell me how to go about getting involved or where to start
  20. Michael Paul shields


    Hi i have heard people talking about car sponsors can anyone tell me how to go about getting involved or where to start