1. R

    S3 8V DQ250 Remap Advice.

    Hi all, Been quite some time since I've posted but I was just curious as to what these engines and gearboxes can take stock? Stage 1 map safe? anyone with experience when it comes to mapping this platform? Just a post for a little bit of advice really, stage 1 is around 370bhp and 383ft-lbs...
  2. Jason-888

    What are the power gains (if any) of an AGU head on bam block?

    Hi guys, this is my first post. Iv recently purchased an S3 8l, i made sure it was a BAM engine code as i believe these are the more desirable engine. Was looking in the engine bay at the weekend and discovered an 'AGU' stamp on the head. I was at first dissapointed thinking id bought a car...
  3. golfprince

    first steps for 200+ hp with an AGU

    Hi guys, I'm happy to say I've just became an owner of my first turbo car (1998 Mk4 GTI), it has an AGU engine thats why I'm posting on an Audi forum (same engine as the A3). I've done some research all over forums for what to do to get more power. I'm aiming for over 200 ill be happy with 215...
  4. J

    JB4 for Audi S4 B9

    Morning Guys, Does anyone have any experience of running a JB4 REV 2 box on their S4 B9 or even older/other models. really debating getting one. I don’t want a remap due to warranty etc etc. But a plug and play box with mobile controls seems the best fit for me. Open for recommendations...
  5. 204C7

    Audi A6 C7 3.0 TDI 204 HP 2014 CLAA (S-Tronic DL501) Stage 2 Tune GTB2260VZK Turbo SWAP 273 HP & 635

    Hey, I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience. I've bought Audi A6 C7 3.0 TDI 204 HP 2014 CLAA (S-Tronic DL501). The reason why I choose 204 HP version over 245 HP was that I had a better equipped car for less money. After some time, I felt that there is a lack of power in the...
  6. GregS3


    For sale is my MTM Cantronic for a Pre Facelift S3 (8V). For comprehensive information, please view the following thread; https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/how-to-guide-–-mtm-m-cantronic-tuning-box-fitting-installation-guide-–-s3-8v-model.267054/ and...
  7. P

    Prodigium's build

    Hello everyone. So last week I've bought a used a4 b8 3.0 tdi (240hp) manual quattro. It's a 2008 model with 230000km on the clock. The hood and front mask have a few stone chips but nothing major and not very noticeable. The chassis is from S line so its 3cm lower from the factory. It also...
  8. S

    Hello (2x Audi = 2x happiness)

    Hi, my name is David and I am happy owner of two Audi A6C6 avant and A4B8 saloon. Both TDI :))) I decided to join the forum after many years of reading it to help others and also to receive some advice - especially that my A4B8 3.0TDI CCWA which is running now on ~310/~700 (stock) is very close...
  9. MerlinTwist

    Integrated Engineering

    Curious to see who has went down the Integrated Engineering route in the UK with their B8/B8.5 S4 and maybe hear some feedback. I know lots of people are "MRC or bust" but I'm interested to see what the results are of other options. I've come from MPS's where road tuning, datalogging and...
  10. N

    Questions about the S1

    Hi guys. Im new to the forums as im potentially considering getting an S1 in the coming months and just am researching what I would like to have and need to know so I have a few questions. Id be thinking about going stage 2 (lets be honest we all get bored quick) but understand that the clutches...
  11. P

    Reliable tuning S3 8l

    Hey guys, Ross here newbie in the s3/turbo/4x4 world and after much reading and mostly friends who love these cars have given me guidelines on what and where but they mostly put together very fast/complicated projects together and drive them to the car meet and so on. I'm looking into building...
  12. V6_Man

    Rolling Road Day - 23/02/2019 Rick @Unicorn Motor Dev

    Dyno Day - Saturday 23rd, February 2019 Location: @Unicorn Motor Dev. Stockport Date - 23/02/2019 Time - 10am Hi folks, Right then, tis time we finally put this discussion to bed, i.e. my tune/tuner is better than yours and whether or not they are all the same Been part of the S4 UK Facebook...
  13. TomBlueS3

    Map-Tech remap

    Hey all :) As per the title, anyone used them? Do they have generic maps for stage 1,2 & 3 and then a custom map or are all stages custom? Cheers
  14. Slowracer

    Racingline RS3 tune?

    Has anyone had a tune with racingline, with their OEM+ offer. I was just reading the blurb on their website. They have a long history in VAG racing and claim to have a close relationship with VAG, also implying they have an inside connection with VAG tech.
  15. Daggerit

    DTUK TCU+ gearbox flash review

    I thought that since I'd been running the gearbox tune from DTUK on my S4 for a while now I'd give some feedback so others can decide if it's a good option for them. Basically it feels like it's tightened up the gear shifts. Downshifts are significantly faster and therefore smoother and I've...
  16. S4cabriolet

    Not quite new newbie

    Hello everyone, Changed my user name from A4 cabrio to this one because I’ve acquired a 2008 model S4 cabriolet today! It’s in pretty good condition with 70k on the clock. Last few years not driven much by the previous owner but regularly serviced by a Porsche specialist. I should like to keep...
  17. Y

    Audi A3/8V 1.4TFSI S-Line

    I've got a 1.4tfsi 123bhp, just a stepping stone to get my insurance down before i get an S3 in a couple years time because as you know the insurance at 20 years old isn't the cheapest.. especially with no NCD, i have been quoted 173bhp and 180bhp form two separate tuners on a remap however this...
  18. S

    A3 1.8 TFSI stage 1

    Hello, I have owned a 2009 a3 1.8tfsi for 3 months now and looking at getting it remapped with revo. stage one they expected 210-220 bhp and around 274 ib/ft of torque. Stage 2 required turbo back exhaust, inter-cooler and intake. unfortunately stage 2 is out of budget at this time but any...
  19. Slice636

    3.0tdi hybrid tuning?

    Hi, I’ve currently got a 3.0tdi running 324 bhp & 550ftlb but I’ve got vibration issues from accelerating from low revs It’s had a new clutch and flywheel fitted but it still there and I know they can handle bags of torque so I’m wondering if it could be the turbo surging? As it stops around...
  20. S

    S4 B9 Popular Mods

    Hi All, Waiting on delivery of my new S4 Avant, but in the meantime I'm just perusing what's available in terms of mods. Prior to my boring commutermobile Merc C220D, I had a VW Scirocco with a fair bit done to it. I understand that the B9 is fairly new, so there isn't a great deal around for...