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Pastimes and Activities for Audi Lovers

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With Audi set to join the Formula 1 grid in 2026, fans of this car manufacturer are getting excited for what’s to come. However, if you are one of the many enthusiastic Audi fans who can’t wait...

What Games can you drive your Favourite Audi Cars in?

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Cars play a big part in many video games, from classic racing arcades to more recent releases, allowing players to navigate, race, and pursue on screen. Games featuring cars like Audis range from...

The Audi 50 turns...50!

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Looks a bit like a Polo doesn't it? Well...

The Essential Audi Maintenance Checklist

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Like everything else, taking care of your Audi is essential. Maintenance and tune-ups keep your Audi going and protect it from expensive and trouble-costing repairs. Here’s a comprehensive...

How To Play Like A Pro: Easy Slots Cheat Sheets For Beginners

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Have you ever wished to win the lottery and go home a winner?

Even while slots are recognised for having a chance component, there are methods to play the game wisely and increase your enjoyment...

Nico Hülkenberg announced as driver for the Audi F1 team

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The course for Audi’s Formula 1 project continues to be set. Following the announcement of the complete takeover of the Sauber Group to accelerate preparations for the brand’s entry into F1, the...

What Are the Audi Cup and Audi Summer Tour & Their History?

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In international soccer, scheduling is much more complicated than in American sports. American season schedules follow a rigid structure where teams only compete against teams in their league, and...

Twice the adrenaline rush

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The Audi e-tron GT prototype and the Ducati Panigale V4 R​

State-of-the-art technology, top models convey quality and a substantial dose of emotion.


The ultimate fusion of automotive excellence and gaming thrills

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Audi, a brand that has become synonymous with innovation, luxury, and a relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries in the automotive world. From the sleek lines of the Audi TT to the commanding...

Is Audi's 2026 F1 Season In Doubt?

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Audi is due to join F1 in 2026, but just how committed is the company? Click here to find out whether Audi’s 2026 F1 season is in doubt already.

It arrives - The New Audi S3

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  • Increased performance with 333 PS of power and 420 Nm of torque
  • Torque splitter and dynamic plus mode for agile handling
  • Expressive design and selectable daytime running light...

The Wheel’s Remarkable Journey: From Ancient Cogs to Stylish Accessories

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Oh, the humble wheel. It’s one of the main reasons the world has developed. Just take a look at the evolution of this now indispensable contraption. The story of the wheel’s evolution spans aeons.

The games to drive your favourite Audi

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Nowadays, it seems that thanks to the latest technology and a global interest in vehicles, there are more car manufacturers on the market than ever. Audi, which is a world-renowned German car...

Audi Could Have Two Obvious Driver Options Ahead Of F1 Entry

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With Audi previously announcing their plans to enter the world of Formula 1 racing from the 2026 season onwards, the car giants plans to join the sport continue at pace, but with two years left on...

Audi Accelerate F1 Plans With Full Sauber Takeover

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As Formula 1 racing fans will know, Audi had...

Audi-Owned Sauber Get Off to Slow Start in F1 2024

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By 2026, Audi will have a car on the Formula One grid.

In the meantime, they’re piggy-backing with Sauber, having taken a 100% controlling stake in the Swiss outfit – up from the 25% share they...

Unleashing Power: The Audi R8 V10 Dyno TV Advert

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In the world of automotive advertising, few moments capture the essence of pure performance and engineering excellence quite like Audi's TV advert for the R8 V10. This remarkable advert, set...

Audi: A Legacy of Precision and Performance

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Audi enthusiasts love the German car brand. They are perceived as confident people who see themselves as leaders, demanding, and selective. The brand is designed to perfectly match their needs...

10 highlights of the new Audi S3

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More power, more torque, more tech, more sportier stuff, and a mad paint job. It's the new S3.

The Triple Crown of Motorsports

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Comparing Horse Racing's Elite, F1, and IndyCar

Winning the Triple Crown is a huge deal, whether it's for racehorses or racecar drivers. For horses, it means they have to be fast and...

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