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2025 RS6 spotted - could this be the last ICE super saloon?

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Wing vents, bigger rear spoiler, massive brakes and a potent engine. We absolutely love an RS6 here at ASN. And who can blame us.​

Finished in Nardo Grey (of course) this...

Betting on Motorsports: The Intriguing Preference for Audi

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The world of motorsport betting is as diverse and dynamic as the races themselves. Punters around the globe engage in this thrilling pastime, seeking...

Binotto To Audi Is Back On According To Reports

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There was initially a constant flurry of rumour and speculation surrounding Audi's actual plans...

F1 vs NFL - how do the wages compare?

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When it comes to high-octane sports, Formula 1 (F1) and the National Football League (NFL) represent the pinnacle of motorsports and American football. Each boasts astronomical revenue figures...

A separate platform for future petrol and electric RS cars

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Audi is proving that the era of internal combustion engines (ICE) is not yet over in Ingolstadt, despite a surge in electric vehicle launches. With the company celebrating the 40th year of its...

Unlocking the Rhythms: A Guide to Retrieving Your Audi Radio Code

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Picture this: You've just had a long day, and all you yearn for is the soothing company of your favourite tunes emanating from your Audi's stereo system. But as you slide into the driver's seat...

Everything You Need To Know About 24 Hours of Le Mans

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The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the most famous and most brutal races in the world. It’s a special event for those who follow racing and every year fans gather all over the world to follow the...

Audi Car Shipping Expert Profile: A1 Auto Transport, Inc.

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Want to ship your Audi but not sure where to get started?

Below we’ll outline A1 Auto...

From the Archive - The NSU/Wankel Spider

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The heart of the sports car was the world’s first single-rotor wankel engine ever used in a production car.

The Role of Team Strategy in Audi's Racing Success

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Team strategy goes beyond mere speed in determining success in motorsports. Audi's consistent performance in racing events is the result of meticulous...

The Art of Shifting Gears: Automatic Vs. Manual Cars

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Audi gearbox

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a car, the engine humming with anticipation. The road stretches ahead, and you grip the steering wheel, ready...

Audi RS e-tron GT ice race edition

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I know what you're thinking - what could be COOLER than an ICE RACE edition. Well...

Looking Ahead to Audi’s Foray into Formula 1

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Audi are highly respected in the automotive industry and in the world of motorsport.

Could Audi Be Planning A German Connection For Their F1 Entry?

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Will Max Verstappen, will again gallop away with the 2023 season F1 Grand Prix winning crown?

The Audi Experience in Popular Entertainment Media

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Audi vehicles are the crown jewels of the Volkswagen group. There is no doubt about that. These vehicles come at affordable prices for every budget and for every need, always performing at top...

The upgraded Audi Q8

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Audi is updating the flagship of the Q family with a pure design and upgraded technology. The revised exterior aesthetic with new front and rear aprons underscores the strong character of the SUV...

The ancestor of all high-performance models: the Audi S6 plus

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It all began almost 30 years ago with the Audi S6 plus: A look, both back in time and into the future, at the highest performance cars in Audi’s portfolio.


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"In need of an S1 for a magazine photoshoot in September, ideally Sept 14th (but 15th or 18th are possibilities if needed).

Ideally, the S1 we use will be completely standard (or close to it) and...

Top 5 Highest-Paid F1 Racers of 2023

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It’s no surprise that F1 racers make a sweet salary for their job, and some of the most successful drivers have enjoyed huge paydays over the years. But, for the drivers who have managed to seal...

Audi Q6 e-tron with 2nd-generation digital OLED technology

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World premiere: The active digital light signature sets headlights and rear lights in motion in an unprecedented way
  • For the first time, customers can select digital light signatures for...

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