Putting together clutch shopping list for stage 2


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Oct 24, 2016
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Hi guys,

Looking at going stage 2 (Superchips) over the next month or so, and I'm trying to put together a pre-emptive clutch kit in case mine fails.

Torque is only going to be 360-380NM, and I'm not planning on going K04 or anything any time soon, so am looking at Sachs organic with LUK DMF.

I'm aware of the benefits of a SMF, but seems like it will be overkill at this stage. Can anyone tell me what additional parts may be required for install? Are the clutches the same for the FWD and AWD A3s? I have a 2.0T Quattro so should I be looking at S3 clutches?

Lastly, I'm in Australia - does anyone know of any suppliers of suitable clutches over here?

Many thanks in advance

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