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  • Hi I'm Hemi from New Zealand,just after a bit of advice,I like the rs3 grill is just a bit to flashy,is it possible to put a 04-a3 grill/bumper on a rs3?I think the plain look will be a bit more laid back rather then the lets race as soon as they see me action,what you reckon? Can it be done?if so how?
    Hi Alex,
    I'm Alex Chan from singapore, i'm really amazed with the your toys after reading your threads, I'm a proud owner of S38P manual. would like your opinions or solutions to refix my ride. Currently i using owen GT3076, Nortech manifold kit, 83mm Wossner pistons, plus size of 1mm in exhaust and intake valve, stage 5 clutch specs. I would like to have some suggestion or upgrading solutions from you please.
    RS Tuning
    RS Tuning
    Hi alex,
    sorry with the late reply as was busy with on going works in my workshop. Pls kindly elaborate the term of fuelling point. Also is it okay on your side on the pricing on 3576? Please do kindly reply through my email. alexchanrstuning@gmai.coml in private.
    Hi Alex,

    Can you resend your email address please.

    Pricing I can give you a better idea of shortly re the turbo when I get the final bills for mine after it's rebuild.
    RS Tuning
    RS Tuning
    Hi mate ive noticed you have run or are still running the spec stage3+ kit ive put a post in tuning if you could have a read an get back to me thanks
    I'll reply as of now.
    I've had a quote from revo regarding stage2+ for my s3.
    This includes miltek exhaust
    auto tech fuel pump.
    and revo intake.
    would you recommend an intercooler for it.
    Do you actually need to change the standard intercooler?
    Bobby rs6-r
    Bobby rs6-r
    Hi Alex
    Basically is it worth doing
    Going from stage 1 to stage 2+ REVO even without changing the intercooler
    I am a sensible driver only using the boost occasionally.
    Cheers Rob
    I ran mine for a good long while before getting a bigger intercooler.
    Basically I got that for Stg3.
    Bobby rs6-r
    Bobby rs6-r
    Cheers Alex
    That was my only concern about getting the stage 2+
    But if it's not necessary then I'll go for it. Cheers.
    Hi buddy am doing stage 2 + but need advice on brake upgrade in standard s3 wheels and do you have DaveB1970 contact details would be good to have a chat
    Hi Alex,

    Do you have a build thread for your car? id love to take a look at it if you do! I have had a look but wasn't able to find it, sorry if i am being blind :p

    Kind Regards,

    Hi mate just carrying on from my thread. Why did the gearbox on your s3 go? Is it because of high revs? Is there anything we can do to counteract this problem because I get the most joy from accelerating through high revs but not at the expense of a new gearbox lol. Are there any cars designed to handle this style of driving with no problems?
    It suffered the usual S3 problems of worn synchros and selectors,plus wear from the torque I run.
    These cars are generally pretty tough,but if you break or abuse anything it will seriously cost you.
    This may sound like a stupid question but how do you drive "properly" and what things should you avoid to damage parts such as the gearbox?
    Not at all
    think of the box as transmitting a lot of torque,then none,then a lot as you change gear,you can see how it's possible to damage by high rpm/load rapid changes,esp if you miss the odd one.
    Its easier to be quick driving the S3 by using the torque instead.
    ,the transmission is one of the S3's less than tough areas,but you CAN get it to work with high power/ torque if you treat it right.
    No worries.

    Car when stock was light and easy to engage gears.
    I use a race-spec carbon metallic clutch now,and even with that,it's easy to engage gears,and feels light and easy to use.
    Thanks Alex, I appreciate your help.

    What was your car like in reverse when it was standard? Did you ever get the feeling that it was strangely geared? I use past tense because I assume you now have a very different clutch setup. I've never had clutch problems before and I'm not a bad driver but I genuinely struggle to reverse uphill.
    Hi Alex,

    A quick question, i notice in your build thread that when you did your 4 wheel alignment you mentioned negative camber on the rear.

    I am running stock springs and suspension and standard 18" rims on my S3, i do however have 15" spacers on the rear and 10mm spacers on the front, i am having the 4 wheel laser alignment done at Elite on Saturday as i have a wheel wobble and originally they thought it was to do with balancing, so they balanced all 4 last week but the wobble (although reduced) is still there so they recommend the alignment being done.

    Question is i hear a lot of people refer to negative camber is this only for lowered cars or cars with larger wheels etc or is this something i need to get them to do ?

    Any advice would be appreciated
    Hi Alex, how are you?

    I remember you mentioning that you've also had Michelin PS3's on your S3 - but can you remember what tyre pressures you used?

    I've just had 4 new PS3's fitted, and I was using 42 psi front, and 33 psi rear - but I was told the figure for the fronts is way too high, and that I should drop it to between 33 and 36 psi for the fronts?

    I have a 3-door S3 on the standard 18" wheels, and it's usually just me in the car. With that in mind should I try something like 36 psi front and 33 psi rear?

    Thanks pal,

    Alright fella, you couldnt delete some messages so i can message you please :) cheers
    Very strange....burns or hot spots on the flywheel...presumably where slip has been occurring....I wonder if it's not perfectly flat>
    Car went back into mechanic this morning. He has found as follows:

    No contamination - or leaks from crankshaft or hydraulics
    Tiny amount of glazing to only a small part of friction material
    Friction/clutch disc was in the right way
    Self adjustment was even and OK
    Pressure plate bolted up evenly

    · SACHS Part Numbers
    · Flywheel - 2294 000 113 / correct but three equidistant burns/hot spots on surface and a lot of play (not rotational)
    · Pressure Plate - 883082 999788 / incorrect (3082000396) three burn marks/hot spots equidistant (matching flywheel)
    · Organic Clutch Disc - 881864 999502 / incorrect (1864999980)
    · Release Bearing - 3182 997 901 / ??? can't find any numbers on it so assume it is correct for now.

    Now waiting to hear from supplier.
    Hello Alex,
    thank you for replying to my thread.
    Wanted to ask you if the 3071 is a straight forward replacement with its own manifold, or what is the job to install it?
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