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hi guys

First post, so hello everyone.

In need of some major help...
I have an a4 2.5tdi cab with auto bdg engine and the ****** just won't start.
It has had a front end whack that i have repaired but it has now start on my drive for nearly a year because i just can't get it to start up.
The car will crank over and over but just won't fire up.
I have a full tank of diesel, if i crack an injector and crank the car it squirts out diesel, does it on all 6 injectors.
I got it started one time by squirting a load of easy start down the pipe, it then started a few times over a period of about 4 hours but then i tried it the next day and wouldn't start again.
It has a brand new battery one it.
I have put my obd reader on it and it flagged a couple of things but it was mainly due to low voltage where tge battery was practically dead.
Tried reader on it again today and showed no codes.
Was driving me absolutely bonkers so just ended up leaving it but have now decided that i want it up and running so need some help please.
I have even ordered a timing belt locking kit that i am awaiting, then i can see about resetting the timing with it but, if it has slipped a couple of teeth, would that stop it starting?

Please... any help would be fantastic.


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if its had a wack have you checked the crash sensors?