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  • Hi Karl,

    I have a 2014 Audi A5 3.0 tdi Black Edition coupe. Quick question with regard pedal upgrade which I know you have done.

    Will these fit my car: Audi RS5 8F Pedal Caps Pedal Stainless Steel Set Foot Rests Gas Brake 8K1864777


    Many thanks
    Sorry don't know if those will fit, I haven't upgraded the pedals in my car. My car is a manual so auto pedals would be of no use to me.
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    Hey Karl I don’t know how to message on here and I’m struggling I have a really good 3.0 TDI build and I wanted to add a boost gauge only problem is I can’t seem to find the right size pneumatic fitting could you link me one please
    Hi Karl, Bobby BSR did my 3.0 TDi map and I have the same discs as you but do you think they are better fitted with the lines / vents going forwards like yours or backwards as that's how mine are? Also, I'm just about to fit the TTRS vents into the arches should they be vertical or horizontal for best effect, as it's hard to see from the photos?
    Many thanks, Mark
    hello mate seen you posted about a Audi A5 3.0tdi downpipes a while ago was wondering if there was any chance you were selling it?
    Hello Karl,

    Did you fit your car with LED's, front and rear?
    If you did would you mind sending me links to LED's that do not throw errors?

    many thanks.

    Hi Karl, i've been reading your build thread for some time now. i keep coming back to read it all over again :)
    I'm wondering what your car is like now, miles on the clock as of now, major issues you have had or if any at all and downsides with the tune?

    Cheers eKz
    No issues with the car. It's done 112k now and is running great.
    Hi Carl. Love your car. Inspired by the thread. Mine is an 08 2.0tdi se auto. I wanted to do the driving school mod but my obdeleven is not picking up a 5f module (infotainment). I've got mms plus 2g with sat nav and colour screen (no joystick). I just wondered what is different between yours and mine as you were able to do it. Any help is appreciated
    Hi Karl,

    This might be a silly question but I'm looking at doing the same intake pipe mod as you but wondered if this can only be done after the DPF has been deleted due to removing the sensor?

    Yeah sorry what I meant was I haven't yet had the DPF gutted and mapped out so does that mean I can't run this mod until I get that done?

    No you can do this mod at any time. The sensor is just physically mounted on the pipe.
    Great thanks for that Karl, I know it probably won't show much improvement until i get the DPF gutted but I think its a good idea to do it before the remap. Great build post too it's really helpful.
    good evening
    iv not been on here for quite a long time, computer problems! having only loged back this eveninhg, iv 5 messages.... iv no idea how too accsess them?? gone into inbox, but doesnt show them? i wonder if you knew how too!! crap at computers sorry
    The messages should be in your inbox. Have you tried a different browser on your computer?. Sent you a new message to see if you can see that.
    Hello Karl, what oil do you use currently? im using edge 5w30 at the moment but fancy a change to 0w40, will there be any problems with this on the ccwa engine ?
    Hello there..i need an airbag light reset on my 2003 A4. I work in cannock so no probs there. Happy to pay something if you can help me out.
    Hi Karl, you helped me with wiring diagrams when my B8 wouldn't start anymore, thanks again. I was wondering if you could help me with the wiring diagrams for a 2002 A3 1.9 TDIi with engine code ASZ as the aircon has stopped working and it seems to be a wiring issue as the power isn't getting to it. Kind of bad for it to happen now when it's getting hotest, but so is life. Any help is highly appreciated.
    Hi karl

    What size was the crank case breather pipe you welded onto the induction pipe? Would you say the mod has made much difference in sounds as well as power?

    Thank you

    Crank case breather pipe was 22mm diameter. I am unsure how much difference the intake has made to the power, possibly only a few bhp maybe more. If you compare the size of the intake on a 313 bhp Bi TDI against the standard size it's a lot bigger. Doesn't really make that much difference on the noise side.
    Hi Mate,

    I seen on the forum that you have VCDS, would you by any chance be able to help with the install of newest maps. I ve been told thatI have 2009 maps which most likely cause some issues so would need to delete the old maps first before installing the new ones.

    I am in West Brom so could come see you.

    Thanks bud

    Hello Karl, im looking to gut my back boxes at the weekend, but using a straight pipe instead of perforated and you reccomend 300mm long which diameter is that, 57mm or the 60mm? T.I.A
    The perforated pipe was 57mm and fitted inside the existing pipe in the box. The 60mm pipe fitted over the 57 and would be what I would use if just putting a straight pipe through.
    thanks for the reply, so best to use both so 57 running through the middle or just 60 on the outside and welded either side?
    Hi! I've been looking to install HID projectors on my Audi B8. The shrouds choice has given me right nightmare. I noticed you used S-max ones, which I think would fit without need of cutting or trimming. Is that the case? I don't like the Mini Gun thingy :). Thanks in advance.
    hi karl sorry to bother you but when you took your exhaust off did you do it off car ramps? im hoping to butcher my exhaust but it would be putting the car on ramps to get the exhaust off.
    Hi sorry for the pm the reply options not working at the moment. Thanks for all your help with this. I checked my ecu number with the ones you kindly posted. I do have a apy ecu with esp.
    The epc light comes on with just the ignition on then when I start the car it stays on. With vcds it takes me 5-6 attempts to remove the fault code.
    Thanks for all your help with this it's been doing my head in lol.
    Good trip yes, M5 , M4.
    If it rains it means more track thrills and spills. Hope to see you there.
    Hi Karl have you any thoughts about attending Audi Driver International 11th October ?

    It's a great venue and track, it would be good to see you.

    I had thought of going but it is a good trip down there and It won't be so much fun if it's raining. I may still go down will be leaving it till closer to the day.
    If the injectors are not coded correctly then it's not likely to run correctly. White smoke is usually unburnt fuel finding it's way to the exhaust and then vaporising in there. Why did you change the injectors in the first place ?.
    Not sure this is any use you may already have seen it. I think calibration of the injectors is similar across all these engines.

    3.0l V6 TDI (BKS/BMK/BUN) - Ross-Tech Wiki

    Are you sure you have identified cylinder 1,2,3 correctly. If you not sure you can just pull the plug off an injector when the engine isn't running and look for the fault code.

    I've changed injectors ect vcds not won't give me a reading from 72/77 for injectors but will on 13-14 I'm really confused as I have no fault codes I've changed temp sendor and map sensor mabie the maf ? Or am I codeing injectors wrong :(
    Hello mate it's turbo_scotty off ukpassats dunno if you can help me I've got a 3.0v6 tdi a8 it's misfireing on idle and white smoke ect ?
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