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  1. J

    B6 2.5tdi cranks but won't start

    hi guys First post, so hello everyone. In need of some major help... I have an a4 2.5tdi cab with auto bdg engine and the ****** just won't start. It has had a front end whack that i have repaired but it has now start on my drive for nearly a year because i just can't get it to start up. The...
  2. W

    Audi A4 Avant Engine Advice needed

    I am new here - I currently own an Aud A2 and its been an amazing little car for me over the years. But I think I am going to be applying for an internal job soon, and have always been a fan of the A4 Avant, and I could do with a bigger car going forward and with this new job i'll be getting a...
  3. Audia6tdiquattro

    What part is this? a6 tdi 3.0 quattro

    Hi Heard a pulsating sound coming from engine bay when ignition is on and also when engine is on - pulsating continues when engine off - took off cover and the pulsating is coming from the two grey cylindrical things in my picture - any idea what they are please?
  4. C

    Audi A6 2008 3.0TDi ASB mod/upgrade/power increase??

    Hey there, saw many interesting posts here and im just curious. I have Audi A6 with 3.0TDi ASB engine, quattro, with 6-speed tiptronic 6HP19A I want to increase power, to be just nice daily car with enough power to speed up shortly on highway sometimes. My actual tune is around 305BHP on...
  5. C

    Injector number 3 help needed

    Hi everyone, I’ve been reading and getting lots of useful info on here regarding my A4, b6 2.5tdi AKE.Quattro sport Avant. 2001. I need to replace my master injector, I managed to buy one on EBay with my engine model code last week but have now realised it has the newer oval shaped plug...
  6. H

    A3 Quattro 170 TDI

    hi there needing some advice..... I am currently about to buy some AP coilovers for my 2008 8p A3 Quattro.... does the car have rear top mounts? And is it advisable to upgrade the front& rear anti roll bar??
  7. I

    CRTD2® Diesel Tuning Box Chip for Audi A7 3.0 TDI Quattro 268 Bhp / 272 PS / 200 KW

    Hi guys I recently purchased an Audi A7 3.0 TDI Quattro 272 PS Black Edition with Tech Pack. I am in love with it! But wouldn't mind a bit more oomph for this 2 ton car, my partner has an Audi TTS which has similar power, but obviously a lot lighter so flys like a rocket. That being said I...