1. Charles Grandfield

    Facelift Injector Cleaning Service ???

    hi, I am having misfire issues at idle/low revs which my trusted garage believes to be an injector issue. I have had new coil packs and spark plugs fitted so that possible issue has been eliminated. Does anyone know of any injector testing and cleaning services in the South Wales area or...
  2. Benjamin Loveridge-Rowe

    A4 B7 - 2.0 TDI (PD) - Lumpy idle and white smoke when cold

    Hi guys, 2.0 TDI BRE. I’ve got an issue with lumpy idling and white smoke when the engine is cold. The issue goes away once the engine is warm. I’ve looked at the injector correction vales and it’s seems to me cylinder 4 could be a potential issue. The worst value when cold on injector 4 was...
  3. William McGougan

    Upgrading Ko4 injectors

    Has anyone upgraded the internals of ko4 injectors themselves? And if so how was it to do and where did you get the parts, cheers.
  4. M

    Diesel Injejectors playing games

    Just been playing with the injectors, when I unplugged 1 or 4 the engine continued running but ran rough. Whereas when I unplugged injector 2 or 3 the engine stalled. It's a CFFB Common rail engine. Just wondered why this may be happening or if it is indicative of an issue? The car is having...
  5. J

    B6 2.5tdi cranks but won't start

    hi guys First post, so hello everyone. In need of some major help... I have an a4 2.5tdi cab with auto bdg engine and the ****** just won't start. It has had a front end whack that i have repaired but it has now start on my drive for nearly a year because i just can't get it to start up. The...
  6. Rid

    PD injector clamp bolt torque

    Hi I just replaced the seals on the injectors on my 2.0Tdi 16V 170, engine code BRD. The Audi manual says the new bolts are tightened to only 3Nm before a 90 degree then a 180 degree final set. This seemed a very low torque setting to me and the bolts did not “feel” tight even after the angle...
  7. Ethan Crawford

    Mk1 Audi TT 1.8T BAM 350hp target

    Okay, my target is ideally circa 350 horsepower, want it to be use able, not late spool but also want it to last as it will be a daily driver! My current spec is as followed 1.8t BAM engine code 3inch BAFMotorpsort downpipe and decat Cobra res Cat back (2.75inch I think?) Welly cooler and all...
  8. S

    RS4 Injectors for stage 3- Old vs new Revision

    Hi all Looking to replace injectors for a new set was curious to whether anyone has installed the new revision RS4 injectors. Are they a direct fit for the AUDI S3 8P facelift apart from the plug/connector. Existing RS4 injectors are maxing out at 360bhp to a setup that's supposed to be on...
  9. A

    Ticking / hissing in engine bay + smell of fumes in cabin

    After trying to pinpoint the source of a ticking / hissing noise from the top right of my A6 C7 3.0TDI + slight smell of fumes in the cabin at points, I decided to remove the injector seals today. 6 copper seals + o-rings bought from Germany (was around 1/4 of the price of Audi) and fitting...
  10. dp_motley

    Leaking fuel injector. Looking for advise.

    Hi everyone. I own a 2012 Audi A3 1.6 TDI, engine code CAYC. I noticed strong diesel smell coming from an engine compartment a couple of weeks ago. I removed the engine cover and saw that the second fuel injector is wet in comparison all other injectors. I asked a mechanic to check it out. He...
  11. D

    A3 8P Injector Wiring Loom

    Hi, I'm having trouble with a rough idle causing the rev counter (and the car) to bounce between 850-900 rpm, which is a bit irritating. No fault codes are coming up when checked, spark plugs have been replaced, so has egr valve, and a vacuum and dye test has been done. Nothing has come up...
  12. T

    A3 2.0tfsi Injector b problem

    Hey so I have a 2.0 tfsi 2005 A3 and well the car basically went into limp mode, and I looked up the code and it says P2149 Injector B. What is the fix for my car ? Because I’ve looked online and I can’t find anything for an Audi.. is it a new harness somewhere ?
  13. S3 Hilife

    Injector open circuit fault (multiple)

    Hi guys, I’m in need of some help with this fault. It started just over a year ago when I got the first open circuit fault on injector #2 at WOT. I reset it and checked the injector plugs etc but everything looked okay. It didn’t come back for some time so I put it down to a poor electrical...
  14. Nathan Bailey

    Injector Seals Leaking?

    I have had a problem with my BXE engine for a couple of months now with the following problems; Takes a while to start hot or cold Blows A LOT of white smoke out of the exhaust (Smells like unburnt diesel) Engine Lumpy when it eventually starts Engine cuts out randomly whilst driving Loss of...