1. Curtym

    Audi A4 B6 2.5TDI V6 sudden loud knocking now not idling or driving with smoke

    Hi All, Unfortunately I would've liked to have found this site through the love of my A4 and not it's potential demise :( So the story goes, I went on the motorway down to the shops, absolutely no issues(other than usual). I then come out, start the car to extremely loud pinging and knocking...
  2. G

    2.5 TDI V6 High IQ Deviation values

    After injectors rebuild with brand new nozzles i get really high Devitation values but the actual IQ is withing spec. 2.20 mg/str Injection Quantity Deviation Cyl. 1 2.35 mg/str Injection Quantity Deviation Cyl. 3 -0.31 mg/str Injection Quantity Deviation Cyl. 5 2.35 mg/str Injection...
  3. J

    B6 2.5tdi cranks but won't start

    hi guys First post, so hello everyone. In need of some major help... I have an a4 2.5tdi cab with auto bdg engine and the ****** just won't start. It has had a front end whack that i have repaired but it has now start on my drive for nearly a year because i just can't get it to start up. The...
  4. CodrutG

    Audi A8 D2 2.5 TDI crank no start

    Hello everyone! First post here as i recently bought an 2000 Audi A8 D2, with the AKE 2.5TDi V6 engine, and I seem to have encountered a problem with it. I think worth mentioning is that when I bought it the last owner had a small ish battery in it that would not be enough to start the car if...
  5. B

    Cambelt change 2.5TDI. Any specialist in Northamptonshire .

    Hi, 83,000 miles and no record of the cambelt being changed. Anybody recommend a specialist in Northamptonshire to change the cambelt, thermostat, water pump, pulleys and probably aux belts? Thanks Badger
  6. Y

    Allroad 2.5TDi engine replacement/recondition

    Hi guys, I'm the proud own of a 2003 C5 allroad with the infamous AKE 2.5TDi 180 bhp engine paired with 6 speed box with the extra low range box to boot. Love taking it offroad and out in the snow and mud more so than driving it on road, its a surprisingly capable offroad beast when not in a...
  7. Petrov

    Dual mass flywheel

    Guys, will a clutch from 2.5tdi 150hp(whole kit) fit into 2.5tdi 180hp quattro and work properly? Thanks
  8. Petrov

    Decat question (2.5TDi)

    Hello, the other day I removed the two back boxes of my 2.5tdi in hope to get that v6 growl, but it hardly made any difference in the sound. Would removing the pre-cat and 2 main cats make the car louder? (I dont really wanna remove the center box)
  9. Petrov

    Vibration under load

    Hello, I have a problem with my Audi a4 2.5tdi 180hp quattro 2001. Recently the car started vibrating when accelerating from second gear above, (the shifter is going nuts when in sixth and accelerating after lets say 120km/h) when letting go of the accelerator the problem disappears. Also there...