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  • Hi alex would it be possible for you to do a scan on my a5 i have a number of issuess that need looking at took car to the local electrician and they can not help.
    HI Alex. I have a reverse sensor fault. Ordered new part, awaiting delivery. Wondering if you'd be available at some point to plug in and see which sensor is the issue rather than me having to swap each one out individually?
    Evening mate. Have you still got your VCDS? In a bit of a situation, normally have access to VCDS from a mate who’s gone abroad. I need to check some measuring blocks. Sort you out £5 for couple of minutes work? I work near Whiston so no trouble getting to you, ta.
    Hi Alex would you be able to help with my parking sysytem plus no mmi screen or works when it wants
    Hi there. Are you still happy to help people out with VCDS. I would really like the stop/start on my A6 sent to the fiery pits of hell, but just enabling the memory function would be awesome! I'm just across the 580 in Rainford.
    Hi Alex I’m having a problem on my A6 c6 it won’t turn over / key not working Iv done some digging it could be a transponder issue can you help. Can it be bypassed with vagcom.
    Hi Alex just asking would you be willing to help a newbie using your vcds on enabling my reversing picture of the car on my mmi I am only getting the bleeps at the moment ? I am in Wigan but willing to drive over if you could help? Cheers
    Hi there,

    I have a 2005 S4 and would like to activate some of the options (rear lights and dashboard dials when DRL is on etc.) plus a check for errors. Is this something you would be interested in doing - I am in Southport.

    Thanks, Ian
    Alright mate, want to code my valve closed as they are fully open at all times. Need it urgent too please?
    Hi any chance you could use your vcds on my a6 I have a reverse sensor problem I'm in ormskirk
    Hi I've been sent in your direction for a vcds fault check on my a6 I've got two issues 1, reverse sensors or lack of and 2, intermittent esp warning see owners manual but only comes on whilst driving could you help ? Thanks neil
    hi alex im new to the forum .and found you on the vcds map .ive not long ago bought a 58 plate a3 sportback s line . are you still available to give a scan . and enable some options on my car . im about to fit puddle/warning and foot well lights . i live in bootle or can come to you . cheers
    Hi alex im in st.helens have a Audi A3 TDI 140PS have a fault code off a OBDII scanner of P26F8 but no one knows what it is, so need a VAG-COM scan see what it brings up. Would you be able to do this and if so how much?
    Hi alex could you enable the instruement needle sweep on my A3 8V S line. Happy to pay for your sevices.I'm in Rainhill not too far away. Cheers
    I need to get some codes for an air bag light fault and parking sensors please if you can help?

    Hi AlexGSi2000, I was wondering if you could help me out with some code changes to my car. I'm "just across the road" in St Helens. If you got some time free, I would be happy to travel to you (and buy you a beer/give you some sort of remuneration). PM me? If you can, I've just joined the site, so haven't got a good grip on the rules for new members. Cheers. N.
    Hi, would you be able to do a VCDS mod/hidden menu on my S3 please? Happy to pay for your time! 07825021776
    hello mate
    can you do a VCDS scan on my A6 diesel S Line 2ltr been having problems with it cutting out when its been running, hard starting running really rough warning lights all over the dash again when its been running. Not all the time just now and again. No probs paying you , I live in Ainsdale right on Formby by-pass 07795044654 Paul
    Hi Alex I'm after some help getting the hidden MMI menu up and some things activating on my A6 2007 reg can you help.? I will pay u for ur time txt me 07709078305 mark I'm in Widnes can travel to you.!!
    Hi Alex, just got myself an Audi B8 and was wondering if you could do me a scan to see if everything is fine with it. From the map it looks like your only about 5 mile away from me. Thanks
    Hi mate do you have the VCDs for a audi a3 2010 to clear the service light ? If you have could you clear mine for me I'm happy to pay for your time. Many thanks Jon 07885242152
    Hi Alex got an EML on my 1.8 tfsi A4. It drives fine and I'm just round the corner so can travel to you, any chance of a scan please? Cheers.
    hi alex got some problems with my a3 8p am in birkenhead any chance of putting a scan onit for me please!
    Hi just ordered led tail lights and adapters for retrofitting on 2006 sportback, worrying a bit about coding on completion . Im in L12 ,Liverpool if you have the time could you give a price thanks.
    Hi. Ive recently had my car coded for cruise control and whilst there I added coming home lights and activated the alarm chirp. You've probably guessed by now that the alarm chirp is starting to annoy me. Could you let me know if this is something that you could remove and if so, how much?
    hi alex was wondering if you could scan my car using vag com. whats your availability, im in the whiston area
    cheers curtis
    Hi alex sent you several messages but no reply...are you still up for scanning my car or have you changed your mind fella..let me know either way I would appreciate it
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