PCV Valve? Hose replacement.


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Mar 4, 2018
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Think this is the PCV - between engine and bulkhead on an APG 1.8 non-turbo:

Audi PCV

The hoses either side of the valve are split and brittle, i'm hoping the trim the damage from the hose ends as a temp fix but does anyone know the internal diameter of the hoses so I can order some silicone replacement?

I'll measure the pipe tomorrow when it's light and trace both ends - don't want to loose braking.
quite right - brake booster OD was 13mm ID was 9.5mm. Was split beyond the valve and is very hard/brittle hoping a hairdryer will soften it bit to get the valve back in and found a length of fuel pipe with a very similar ID that will replace the damaged parts. Fingers crossed this is the vac leak that has been causing some rough running.
Wasn't able to trim the split sections and rejoin, the pipe was too old, hard and brittle. Got some 10mm ID fuel pipe and after much heating and swearing was able to push the Audi fittings in and re-create the vac pipe. Took it for a drive and the hesitant acceleration is gone along with the lurching when on overrun also the car's not revving when pressing the clutch so fingers crossed that's the only vac leak so far.


Also took the opportunity to remove the broken oil filler neck as it's damaged and has made a mess.



The oil breather pipes are next on the list...
Seems it's not fixed - another weekend of hunting vaccum leaks.

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