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    u alright mate? its Gill with the S3 (sainsburys) i've joined this forum, seems decent, keep me updated with any local meets mate. i'll get in touch soon about upgrading my car. cheers mate
    Yo dude thanks for the sidelights can't wait to start cleaning this s3 up
    hi bud, are they aftermarket headlights on your s3? in your sig....

    im wanting to put some black projectors in mine but there only listed for the a3? and they reakon they wont work on the s3 as it runs xenons? is this right?

    cheers Ryan
    Yea true mate!,same hear really i want new interior and 400bhp,mayby a few years it might get done lol!
    Hi m8,i posted a question on the forum and someone said that you may know the answer,any way i was told that you have the H&R coilover set up on your s3,could you give me any info on the ride etc,as i dont want to buy the kit and the rides going to be to hard especially when the mrs is going to drive it,cheers Tony
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