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  • Wow that takes the ****, 2 weeks. Well at least you got them. I was just on detailing world and seen that detailing company in Newport just wrapped a whole car, they look quality if your still thinking about using them.

    Dont worry bro il be cleaning my car very very soon lol, weathers changing and probably be **** for months lol. Need to wet n dry my headlights and spray my wheels which I might do on the weekend if I have time.
    You need to hurry up and clean your car!(but looking for the weather today wont be any time soon).
    My other foglight turned off today After nearly two weeks of ordering it
    I did see you the other day coming from quick fit. How much does he charge and is his work good. Car looked nice by the way

    Not to sure about this years ADI.
    Cant pm back something up with my pn and cant open them. My mate done them down start to finish just behide quick fit. If you go down there ask for Scott and say i sent you down. No still not got my collies on my uncle taking the p*ss think im gonna have to pay an mate from school to do it for £100 if my uncle not done them by tomorrow night. Had them since July in my boot! Yeah they sorted it out was a few issues they couldnt locate my bumper or fit a wing properly!
    I might be racing this Sunday bro. My cars been neglected recently, cant remember the last time it was cleaned lol. Done some good things to it recently tho, have a look on the 8L pics post.

    Hows your car now, collies on. Audi sort your repair out good.
    Fancy popping down the local meet this sunday and then going some where for photos? Lol i doubt very much you want to go to the local meet though
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