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Hi guys,

I've posted about this before but had a few updates since posting. sorry for the duplicate post!

I've got a 1.8tfsi A3 with 60k miles on the clock. it's was remapped by Revo around 18 months ago and ever since had an issue where it would hesitate at 160orpm when cold. it's since developed a new problem where if I floor it, it'll lose power and then pick up again after half a second or so - I think it's a misfire but have no EML on and VCDS is showing no faults. it seems to be getting gradually worse, but it's still an intermittent fault and will sometimes drive without problem (other than the cold start issue which is always there). When the problem initially started, I could switch to a lower performance mode using the Revo SPS, which would make the issue go away, but it's now doing it in the lower mode as well. the only concerning thing that VCDS did show was at idle, ignition timing was jumping between -1+8 deg, is this normal? it also has a slight intermittent judder at idle, again feels a bit like a misfire.

so far I've changed the DV valve which made no difference, added fuel cleaner which made no difference, and changed spark plugs, which also made no difference. it's also been serviced twice since mapping.

next things on my list to change are coil packs, fuel filter, camshaft position sensor and if it comes to it then fuel injectors :/ I was also considering getting a terraclean done just in case it's carbon build up?

does anyone have any ideas what this might be before start throwing parts at it?

Thanks in advance!