1. B

    Potentially terminal? Low Oil Pressure? 1.8 TFSI 2011

    Hi guys, Have extensively tried researching the issue as much as possible but guess I want the thoughts of others before I sell the damn thing. Purchased a 2011 A3 8P 1.8 TFSI about 6 months ago. Mileage is 66,000. Part service history. when I bought it the sump was badly rusted and I got this...
  2. 5

    2009 onwards - A3 1.4 TFSi v 1.8 TFSi (tight budget)

    Hi Guys, I am currently driving a 2006 A4 Avant 2.0 TDi S-line 140 which I have had for the last 4 years or so, it was only bought as a workhorse so it has never excited me at any stage of the game. Before that I was driving a 2004 A4 1.8T S-line (190 - stage 1 remap to 240bhp), that was a...
  3. MuzzyT

    A3 2.0 TFSi Engine thoughts?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of waiting to pick up an A3 2.0 TFSI 2018 S line in daytona grey pearl. The unfortunate thing is that due to covid, test drives are not allowed from all dealers atm. The car I am waiting to pick up is 150 miles away and there are hardly any 2.0TFSi's on the market...
  4. Z

    Audi A4 1.8T Exhaust

    Just looking for some advise on exhausts for my A4 1.8T B8. All i want is to have a deeper sound to the car and no cracks or bangs. Im not looking for any performance gains as my remap will be enough for me. I have thought about the rear muffler delete but not sure if this would give the drone...
  5. R

    Help Please Audi A4 B8 1.8 TFSI Broken connector/wire front cover of engine

    Hi there, new to the forums. I've owned this Audi A4 b8 1.8 TFSI 2008 for 3 years now bought second hand from a dealer. I have only noticed this until recently. There is a wire that seems to be broken off the front engine side. I have no idea what it is and what its for and if its effecting my...
  6. Dylan Johnson

    downpipe cost (possible DIY?)

    I have a 1.8TFSI with the S-Tronic gearbox and seen quite a few youtube vids of people getting the dsg pop with a downpipe, just wondering if anyone has had one fitted and rough cost, also im guessing the car would need to be remapped? or would it be ok with the stock map?
  7. C


    I've seen that there is an upgraded replacement for the 2.0TFSI engine but I cant find anything for the 1.8TFSI. My crank seal has failed within a week of a garage fitting a new one. Faulty part, faulty install or faulty PCV etc. I've removed the oil cap whilst the engine was running and the...
  8. Dylan Johnson

    Will a 2.5" catless downpipe require a map?

    So, I have a 1.8tfsi and want a tiny bit more sound and ive seen/read that a downpipe would do that however im wondering if it would require a map?
  9. S

    A3 1.8 TFSI stage 1

    Hello, I have owned a 2009 a3 1.8tfsi for 3 months now and looking at getting it remapped with revo. stage one they expected 210-220 bhp and around 274 ib/ft of torque. Stage 2 required turbo back exhaust, inter-cooler and intake. unfortunately stage 2 is out of budget at this time but any...
  10. AudiTurbo8

    1.8TFSI Misfire Problems

    Hi guys, I've posted about this before but had a few updates since posting. sorry for the duplicate post! I've got a 1.8tfsi A3 with 60k miles on the clock. it's was remapped by Revo around 18 months ago and ever since had an issue where it would hesitate at 160orpm when cold. it's since...
  11. AudiTurbo8

    1.8TFSI Power Loss under Acceleration

    Hi Guys, I've got a 61 plate 1.8TFSI with 55k on the clock. I've had it remapped by Revo - ever since then when it's cold and in cold weather it would hesitate at around 1500rpm in every gear until it got warm, then power would be smooth through the rev range after a minute or so of driving...
  12. J

    6 Speed S-tronic and towing a trailer?

    So I would need to be towing a decent sized trailer for about 1200km(750 miles) in a few weeks with my '07 6- speed S-tronic and I've heard some horror stories from my colleagues about the 7 speed not being too happy with towing but how bad is it? I have a removable tow hitch in my car so I...
  13. AudiTurbo8

    1.8TFSI A3 Hesitant When Cold

    Hi all, I don't know if you guys can help, I've got an A3 8P with a 1.8TFSI with 48k on the clock. I had it remapped by Revo and the guy from Revo commented that it was hesitant when accelerating and it probably just needed a service. It only happens when cold, if I accelerate gently it gets...
  14. KieranJ22

    2013 1.8 s Tronic remap?

    Haven't had the car too long and I love it but I hate knowing there's extra power there and not using. I'm just wondering on people's opinions on a stage 1 remap for this engine and places to go? Hazzydayz do theirs via Celtic tuning with the following 177bhp - 220bhp (+43) 184lb torque -...
  15. TDents84

    Have any of you had experience with Audi approved used warranties?

    Hi Gang, I own a 2009 A3 with just 25k on the clock and recently it's developed an annoying niggle. If the car has been parked, even a short length of time, I hear, and feel, a very dull clunk as I move the steering wheel. This goes away as soon as the car is in motion but then occasionally...
  16. Matt1707

    New Brake Time!

    Hi all, So its time to fit new discs and pad however I'm not sure what to go for. Car is a 1.8 TFSI running 288mm fronts. Im currently looking at Brembo Max and a Piranha brake package for front and rears.Any recommendations and opinion would be helpful! thanks!