1. chrisrs180

    REVO Dogbone Lower Mount

    Getting one fitted on my S3 8V tomorrow. Just wondered if anyone has any long term advice or experience with them. On the face of it they seem a good balance between performance and acceptable NVH intrusion. I know some others have problems, hence me reaching for a REVO. Car is 380+ bhp and...
  2. S.

    Pro ram filter ofr itg maxogen or revo cai

    As title says, is anyone running ramair pro ram air filter instead of foam filter on itg maxogen cai or revo cai. On a 2.0tfsi s3 with stage 2+ etc.? Wondering what size is needed for our cars and stage 2+ tunes. Seems that those might be better than foam ones. Thanks, Sam. EDIT: WELL I MANAGED...
  3. D

    PFL Mods

    Hi, looking at doing some mods to my PFL car. I already have Milltek secondary decats and lowering springs. I am hoping to head up to MRC once possible, have already emailed but I'm not expecting a response anytime soon. My plan is to try and make the car slightly more engaging, these are the...
  4. W

    A3 8p Tfsi 323bhp
  5. TomBlueS3

    Revo/Stage 2/Overrun

    Hi all, Just thought I’d share, today I’ve been lucky enough to go Stage 2 Revo with overrun + TCU map. Everyone says that Stage 1 is the biggest bang for buck and Stage 2 is only slightly improved - I find it the other way, Stage 1 was great but Stage 2 IS ABSOLUTELY MENTAL, plenty of low...
  6. TomBlueS3

    Revo Overrun map?

    Hi all, Revo have finally released their exhaust overrun map! Has anyone been and got it yet? I’m booked in the next few weeks for the upgrade, I’m really looking forward to hearing it. Revo describe it as ‘OEM+ and not pops and bags’ which I think will be in keeping with the Audi badge. If...
  7. TomBlueS3

    TCU Tune with Stage 2?

    Hi all, I’m going Stage 2 Revo in the near future (just waiting for their overrun map to be released - it’s imminent!). How important is a TCU/DSG map when going Stage 2? Mainly in relation to clamping pressures. Is it safe/advisable to run S2 with no TCU tune? Cheers!
  8. PeteB8P

    Audi S3 8P Revo Intake Strange Noise

    Hi, newbie here and this might well sound stupid.. I've just picked up a 2011 DSG S3 Sportback which I'm in love with. Everything seems fine performance wise etc other than a strange noise which seems to be coming from the Revo intake under the bonnet when accelerating. It almost sounds like a...
  9. TomBlueS3

    Stage 2 Map

    Hi, I am particularly interested to hear from anyone Stage 2 with Revo but obviously anyone Stage 2 regardless of mapping company your advice/comments is welcome. I’m currently Stage 1 Revo and will be going Stage 2 when they bring out their crackle map (May 2019 fingers crossed). I know an...
  10. Ludez

    Ludez’s Mythos Black Project

    Hi guys, Figured I’d get a progress/project thread up as I tend to do with all my cars so I have somewhere to document the build and for anyone likeminded who may be interested. Picked up my car a couple of days before Christmas after waiting patiently for a car close to my ideal new spec...
  11. V6_Man

    Rolling Road Day - 23/02/2019 Rick @Unicorn Motor Dev

    Dyno Day - Saturday 23rd, February 2019 Location: @Unicorn Motor Dev. Stockport Date - 23/02/2019 Time - 10am Hi folks, Right then, tis time we finally put this discussion to bed, i.e. my tune/tuner is better than yours and whether or not they are all the same Been part of the S4 UK Facebook...
  12. TomBlueS3

    LouthVolksWorldLtd - Revo map

    Hi all, I had the pleasure of visiting Louth VolksWorld based in Louth, Lincolnshire a couple of days ago for my Revo Stage 1 map with a Xmas (or Black Friday, I can’t remember which) 20% off meaning the full cost inc VAT came to £599 - a somewhat £120 cheaper than without the offer. The...
  13. TomBlueS3

    REVO remap...cost!

    Hi all, I’ve decided after much thought I plan to get my car mapped by REVO. Revo on their website have the map for £600 and with the Black Friday deal it came it at £510 - awesome I thought so I have contacted my local dealer who told me the cost is £720? Is this right? Are the dealers meant...
  14. Guilherme

    S3 8P problems. Stage 2+ REVO

    Hi Guys, it's my first posting here. i'm from Brazil and i have a Audi S3 8p 2010. So.. i'm having problem with stage 2+ in my car. I have already reviewed all my car, DV valve, pressurizing, fuel, turbine, wastegate, n75 .. ... And my problem is that above 5,000 rpm the pressure starts to...
  15. Forbzeeee

    MRC vs Revo Stage 2

    Hi All, I took my car to MRC today as I was curious to find out how much power my Revo stage 2 map was giving me. Some of you will know I always wanted to stick with Revo as I have been a fan for years. I've always had Revo on my S3's (8L, 8P and now my 2015 8V). I ran Revo stage 1 for a...
  16. G

    S3 8p gearbox/clutch sticks in 1st. HELP HELP???

    Hello I’m new to the forum as a member,this may of been asked before and I apologise in advance if so. So my 2007 Audi s3 has this problem were sumtimes not all the time it will decide to stick in first,and you have to literally force it into second. This normally happens I’ve i pull away and...
  17. Revo Steve-W

    Revo Stage 1 tuned A4 B9 2.0TSi v Stock B9 S4 - Impressive!!

    Check out the video on YouTube -
  18. LeeDaviesS3

    Looking for a Stage 1 taster

    Can't decide whether to get my car remapped or not. I like the thrill I get from my 310bhp S3, but, I can't help wondering what it would be like after a Stage 1 with REVO or APR. I am on the fence due to having 2.5 years of warranty left, maybe a blip sat in someones passenger seat with a stage...
  19. B

    A5 mods

    Hi all, My brother has just purchased an A5 cabriolet Quattro auto 2.0 FSi on a 13 plate and was wondering if he could have a reversing camera and cruise control fitted. He's near Basildon in Essex. Also which remap is better, revo or AMD? Any ideas? Ta
  20. E

    Audi TT MK3 (8S) 2016

    Hi all, I just bought an Audi TT MK3, and I want to upgrade the ECU. Any recommendations on a certain company? GIAC, APR, REVO, STM, others? Thank you!