1. MrSaetervik

    OBDeleven - 48hour heads up

    I just saw this when I opened my OBDeleven app today, just thought I might share it to let people know, if you were planning to buy one
  2. P

    Airbag light after Glovebox change

    Hi, I replaced a broken glovebox - now I have an airbag light on the dashboard (and also orange light in the ceiling saying passenger airbag not enabled). From what I've seen in forums I believe this cant be reset with a simple scanner, but that it needs full VCDS. Is there anyone near...
  3. C

    Vcds emergency brake

    Hello all I’ve just brought a Ross tech vcds stuff and I’m teaching my self tweaks and I’ve got one in my head that I want but not sure how it do it nor can find any help to do it and was wondering if someone could help me, I’ve attached a vid of what I want, brake light to flash under...
  4. C

    Vcds services

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone could help me I want to get into VCDS stuff for the vag group and want to offer services like apple car play activation and retrofits as they is a surprising lack of around my area and I was wondering what sort of kit I need to do apple car play activations...
  5. FPSUsername

    [VCDS] Internal ROD error

    Hello, Yesterday I fitted an 8P162335 telephone interface module (the latest model with H44 and SW 0660). Everything works as it should, with no DTC errors, however, when I open the Radio/Navigation or Telephone module in VCDS, I get this popup error. Before I had an 8T062335 module (which is...
  6. S

    Facelift Virtual Cockpit RS Theme

    Hello, i have read about i can get the gauges (NOT Sport Mode) from S/RS Virtual Cockpit in a normal A3 (Sedan) by changing STG 17 Byte 2 vehicel derivat option in long coding. i have tried a bit arround but dont know what the right value is for RS. Has somebody done this before and can help me?
  7. L

    Vcds euro light mod

    Does anyone know the coding to get my indicators permanently on via vcds?
  8. L

    Vcds interface not found!

    Due to cost and lack of using vcds i brought a clone disc and works fine but when i ever i install it on a different laptop i always get the interface not found error. I had someone look at it amd they got it to work. Any ideas? Both work fine once set up. Thanks
  9. alexander555

    AMI retrofit help: AMI installed, MMI software updated, still not recognised?

    Hi All, having a bit of a headache in my attempt to get music over bluetooth into my 2010 A8. My car's original set up: Two units in the glovebox: A CD changer A SATNAV/DVD/SDcard unit No AMI socket in either the glovebox or the armrest. I believe the car is too early for AMI. MMI is 3G High...
  10. I

    Need help coding Comfort module correctly A4 B9

    Hi there, I tried to retrofit a reverse camera into my Audi A4 Avant B9 and at the coding part something went wrong and my DRL & Front Turn Signals stopped working, as well as the PDC system. I guess that the problem is related to the codification of the Comfort Module. As the only thing i...
  11. S

    Enabling Audi Sound System

    Hi, I have retrofitted the Audi Sound System sub and centre speaker to my 8V PFL and I have coded them in using my genuine copy of VCDS. However, I can’t see the sub controls in my MMI and I have been told that I also need to upload a profile using VCP to complete the retrofit. Is there...
  12. Asahi

    Car starts then stalls [VCDS READOUT inc]

    Hi all, I'll keep it brief. Last week during this phase of bitterly cold weather my car wouldn't start. The car would start for a few seconds then stall and the glow plug light would constantly flash. I just assumed it was that and replaced all four glow plugs, some of which did measure high...
  13. Audi98

    Cruise control retrofit

    Hi is anyone able to code in Cruise control in a 2010 Audi A3 in the W Midlands area?
  14. V

    Audi A4 2014 optical illustration

    Hi guys. I own Audi A4 B8.5 2014 and have just acoustic rear parking sensors and I want to enable optical illustration. I tried with VCDS, module 10 and module 76 but I get no response from controller error. Can you help me? I read that that functions are moved in other modules..
  15. a4b6awx

    AWX A4 B6 1.9 tdi Manual Power Loss/ESP Light (ABS) Juddering at 2-3k rpm with VCDS Scans

    Hi Guys, advice needed; Fault initially started after having the oil and gunk washed off from the underside of the car. It was washed off lightly with degreaser and a hose, not a pressure washer, but may have got somewhere and shorted/damaged sensor? The car was juddering with ESP light...
  16. A

    VCP owner required near me East London??

    Hello everyone, I have recently used VCDs to enable and configure adaptions for TSR my Audi A7 2015 face-lift with MIB2. The car has advanced tech pack, ACC with presense, Lane/side assist. Having followed a well written guide to make sure I have the correct parts etc, I was able to complete...
  17. 420S3

    S3 8V drive select not available

    Hi all, I have a audi s3 8v that is missing the drive select feature, its greyed out on screen and the Drive Select button doesn't do anything. I took it to a coding guy who tried fixing it but couldn't as he said the mmi has been refitted and will need flashing to s3 firmware. Is there...
  18. FPSUsername

    VCDS error code 01044

    Hello, Since I scanned this Audi A3 8P Cabrio, I noticed one issue that I can not seem to fix (it could be that the garage messed up some of the codings when the previous owner was upgrading the radio). I have seen people getting the error code 01044 regarding their radio, but I don't see any...
  19. Nick-1964

    Wanted Wanted Genuine VCDS Cable

    I want a cheap and cheerful VCDS cable for occasional use to use on my older Audi cars (2009 A3 and 2007 TTR). Not looking to spend more than about £100. Loads available online but not sure how to identify genuine one from the fakes so thought here would be the safest place to buy.!
  20. Mastachaz

    VCDS Coding on s3 2018 - London

    Hi looking for someone who can activate for me powerfolding mirrors and few other bits on s3 18 plate im based in sw16 london happy to travel and off course pay :) thanks