1. HarveW

    S4 B8.5 Door card/panel rattle!

    Hi, so I am wondering if it just my car… the car has one rattle and it from the driver door card window switches. When I push on around the switches the plastic creeks bad. And it’s driving me crazy!!! Is this a B8/.5 thing or do I need a new door card? It happens when driving on our lovely uk...
  2. S3_Mitch

    For Sale Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro, S Line Coupe, 2016/17, Auto, Huge Spec, 32K MILES

    For sale is my meticulously looked after and maintained 3.0 TDI Audi A5 (218ps) in the unique Manhattan Grey. This car left the factory with a very nice spec with all optional extras detailed below on-top of the usual S-Line refinements. Being a very late 2016 model this B9 A5 benefits from a...
  3. R

    For Sale 2007 Audi A6 4.2 V8 FSI S Line Quattro For Sale - £7,495

    Excellent condition, low-mileage silver Audi A6 4.2 V8 FSI S Line with Full Audi Service History, 4 new Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 tyres and recently refurbished lightweight optional Audi BBS alloys, (weighing 1.5kg less per corner than standard ones, improving ride and handling). * 72, 412...
  4. F

    B11CE 15 mistake on audi a4 B9

    Hi everyone, couple day ago my car (audi a4 b9) start showing the mistake "audi pre sence" the number of mistake is B11CE15 windshield heater for front sensor system. Did you have any experience how to fixed it ? Someone told me that this is the problem of windshield, and this fault can only...
  5. B

    RSQ3 RSQ3 Limited Edition - Australia Delivery

    Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone has ordered the RSQ3 Limited Edition? Only 555 being built around the world and i just received my paperwork. I've ordered mine with the only 2 options, Roof and Matt Silver Paint, $7000 option. No build date as of recent but due next year. Anyone purchase a...
  6. L

    Audi A7 3.0 BiTDI Competition Business Edition

    Looking at an Audi A7 3.0BiTDI Competition C7 facelift Business Edition with a bunch of stuff. €27 200 Love everything about it. Only thing putting me off is that it got 103k miles(166000km) on the clock. First serviced with longer time between and latest 3 they cut the service interval in half...
  7. L

    Need help choosing A6

    Been looking at the 313/320 and 326hp(competition) 3.0 BiTDI. Looked alot online for information. Which engine is most reliable and has decent fuel consumption? Anything in particular to look for when choosing one. From what I have gathered they are all around 0,64L/10km. The 313hp is usually...
  8. Emir Demirovski

    Weird and ANNOYING noises coming from my A5

    Hi, i'm getting two annoying and weird noises from my car. One is constant buzzing, and one coming from the headlights. I'll post videos of both. The interior one sound like it's coming from the blower motor, but i took it yesterday off and the noise was still there, no change...
  9. localknoxville

    Audi Parts Database Link Not Working

    Hello this link: The Audi parts link is not working, any ideas as to why? Or do you have any links to new parts sections? Thanks
  10. D

    S-Tronic DQ-250 (DSG) issue on Audi A3 TDI

    Hi, I am having an issue with my Audi, the model is A3 8v 2.0 TDI 150hp with S-tronic transmission 6 speed DQ-250 - model year 2013. Upon releasing the brake it pulls really hard and sometimes immediately shifts to second gear, the pulling off from standstill is very aggressive and it is...
  11. G

    Audi rejected a request of full refund or compensation

    My car has undergone a series of repairs last year and it all started within less than a year of purchase. The issue was with the steering wheel creaking noise coming from the upper side of the steering column. I have raised a complaint with Audi UK as well but they sent the query back to the...
  12. D

    Rear view Camera retrofit, Trunk won’t open

    Hello, I retrofitted my A3 Limo 2018 with a Rear view camera HIGH. The camera works fine but the trunk won’t open with the Button. The old button opens the trunk, but I think the Rear view camera opens the button with CAN not analog. I installed and coded all things correctly but the trunk...
  13. T

    Has a part been stolen from my engine?

    Audi a3 1.4 tfsi 2013 there is this tube with a pin hole and I can’t find where to connect it. Doesn’t bend and is stuck there.
  14. Jonfun

    Rear Washer not washing - trying to identify fault.

    Hi All As the title suggests I'm at a bit of a loss with this one, and hopeful one of my fellow B9 owners could shed some light. My rear wiper washer isn't jetting water as it should, I've removed the cover from the wiper arm and washer jet and still with these removed when activating the...
  15. I

    Airbag faults… help :(

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone would be able to help at all with two fault codes I am getting relating to airbags. When I start my car (2016 Audi s3 8V) I get an error “safety systems fault” I have used Carista and the codes I am getting are: 9451537 9440017 If anyone could help I would be so...
  16. Rip

    Sold Audi S3 8V Rear Differential 0CQ525010 L (Latest revision, under 10k miles) - £550

    **Just listed on eBay also** **Please WhatsApp/text 07743427201 as I don't get notification emails here** I bought this a couple of years ago to replace the one in my Audi S3 8V but never actually got around to it and now I've sold the car I have no use for it. When I bought it I was told that...
  17. D

    Knock/hitting sound on releasing gas pedal any ideas?

    I've got an Audi a4 1.9 sline 2007 and having this issue where i am on 1st, 2nd gear and once i accelerate then as soon as i release the pedal there is this bang sound (Like someone hit) coming from somewhere maybe front or middle of the car. Happens more on 2nd gear, less bang noice on 3rd gear...
  18. I

    Boot Liner - Upper or Lower?

    Hi I'm looking a boot mat for my car. I bought cheap and that is going back, so i'm looking at the below 2. I've got this Cool Liner "brand" in the X5 and it has stood the test of time. Question is: Is it upper or lower boot? I'm guessing upper with the battery in the back but wanted to check...
  19. FutureFit8V

    Facelift S3 8V pre-facelift to facelift (front) conversion

    Hi ladies and gents. Long and the short is that I have recent accident damage to front of my (pre-Facelift) 2015 S3. Drove through a wall, for those wondering. Wanting to take this opportunity to throw on some Facelift parts and turn the situation into a win. Specifically I want to replace...
  20. S

    Advice on buying an RS3 8P

    Hi all, I have wanted an Audi RS3 8P since I first started driving 7 years ago. I am finally in a position where I can go and buy my *realistic* dream car. I have owned 2 8Ps before a 1.6FSI and a 2.0TDI. I have been looking online for spec lists but am struggling to find one for the 8P does...