1. C

    Audi TTS, TT, Door Actuator Mechanism buzz fault on opening door from remote

    Audi TTS, TT Door Actuator Mechanism buzz fault on opening door from remote I get a big buzz sound from unlocking my Audi, TT, TTS, 2008 8J door but it does unlock. The sound is coming from my passenger / left side door lock actuator mechanism. It’s a buzz, grind that needs sorting. My post is...
  2. TM24

    Audi 8v spare key

    Hi, I'm looking to get a spare key (keyless), been in audi and got a quote of £225 for the key plus £99 to code it Any alternative around leicestershire? Thanks!
  3. D

    A5 2.0tdi ultra or 3.0 tdi?

    Hi guys, I am about to change my car and I need a little help from people who have experience with the A4s and/or A5s (2017 onwards). Which diesel engines are the most reliable? I have been looking the 3.0 tdi and the 2.0 tdi ultra. My commute is 140 miles/day on motorway. Thank you in advance.
  4. W

    A3 2010 Reverse switch + rear window fault

    Hey everyone, I need some help with an issue I’ve been having for a few weeks now. I’ve been to two garages who have said it’s an electrical fault they can’t fix and to go to Audi. A few months ago the rear window started playing up and was intermittent when trying to operate it as well as the...
  5. D

    Audi 8v Pre Facelift halogen to led tail lights upgrade

    Hi I have an Audi A3 8v 2013 Sportback I want to upgrade tail lights from halogen to Dynamic LED. I bought the Parts (8v4945091,8v4945092,8v4945093C,8v4945094) i have seen on youtube that one can get adapters to make it plug and play. Any ideas/Leds for good source ? Thank You
  6. K

    A5 Heater Knocking

    Hi, I see a few people have had this issue and have sorted it, however I am not very hands on and especially not to take a dashboard off. Can anyone point me to someone or somewhere that would be willing to sort this for me at a cost? I believe it is the heater motors clicking, when I change...
  7. R

    A4 B6 - B5 front spring perch mod fail!

    Hi all, I hope someone can help. I've been having a recurring nighmare trying to get the B5 perches fitted! before i start my car is an Audi A4 B6 1.9 TDI AVF 130. I bought it when it was ~10 years old and have had it now over 7 years. It's a great car, lovely to drive and i'm doing my best to...
  8. A

    Esp, traction light

    Hi everyone need help badly. My a3 1.2 tfsi suddenly came up with epc light then other with traction. But when I would turn it on and off it would clear. I plugged my code reader in and these are faults However just driving home it came on 6 times and wouldn't even drive. I've attached codes and...
  9. niki9812

    Audi A3 BKD ticking sound

    Hello guys! I'm an A3 8P owner, BKD engine and it had developed very annoying ticking noise which goes away after 2000rpm. Car had new timing belt and tensioners changed 8000km ago, new clutch&flywheel, the whole cylinder head is rebuilt 8000km ago. Ticking appeared while driving and car lost...
  10. D

    Audi A3 2013 8V Retro Fit

    Hello Everyone, After waiting for sometime i pulled to trigger on a 2013 1.4 Tfsi A3 SportBack. I am planning on to have some upgrades. Just want some advice if what I have selected is correct and some more. LED Headlights with Dynamic turn Signals as mine has halogen Link LED Tail lights...
  11. A

    Audi A4 Avant 2.0TSFI(211) S Line B8

    Audi A4 Avant 2.0TSFI(211) S Line B8 2009 White Available for spares and repairs, the car is in above average condition for its age. Needs a new engine due to pistons and timing. This would be the complete car and not just the parts Open to offers. Images on request
  12. M

    Wheel fitment RS6 style

    Hi guys I’m considering to buy a pair of RS6 style wheels for my A3 2.0 TDI 2016 Sportback. It’s lowered with Eibach Sportline springs (35-40/45mm). Currently running on wheels that measure 19” 8.0 ET49 with 225/35-19 tires. The wheels I’m looking at has following measures: 19” 8.5 ET42. As you...
  13. L

    Alternator Fault: Battery Not Being Charged

    Hi everyone, Please bear with me this is my first post on the forum and I do not know a lot about the ins and outs of cars. Here is my problem, a few months ago my car would randomly die with no warning - it wouldn't tell me my battery is low and to charge it. What would happen is randomly, I...
  14. Mr Mohammed Janjua

    Wanted 2001 51 Reg B5 A4 1.8

    Good Afternoon Members, I am looking for a 2001 51 Reg B5 A4 1.8, in good condition. It has to be a 51 Reg because that's the only one that is ULEZ Compliant. Budget is £1000 to £1500.
  15. S

    Hesitation on gear change

    Hope someone can help. Audi s3 2016 s tronic saloon The other day from standstill I floored the peddle to the ground, i was in manual dynamic mode. I shifted early from 1st gear to 2nd at around 3000 revs but when i went to shift the revs dropped and it seemed like the car cut the power (no...
  16. AudiSpy

    “A quantum leap for agile driving”: the RS Torque Splitter

    “A quantum leap for agile driving” – that’s what racing and development driver Frank Stippler had to say about the torque splitter with its fully variable torque distribution on the rear axle. Audi will soon launch the first-ever series roll-out of this technology in a sporty compact-class RS...
  17. A

    Boot issue and central locking module info needed.

    Hi everyone need a bit of help. Have a central locking issue where its will unlock all doors however won't lock from key. And when locking in barrell only the driver door locks. Wiring is all good and when I hold lock button on key all windows go down. Looks like the comfort module is faulty and...
  18. A

    Electrics not working

    Hi, I’ve had some odd issues with the car since last night. last night : wing mirror indicator light not working and I realised the indicator lights do not flash when locking/unlocking the car using the Saturday morning: front drivers side window not working Saturday afternoon: front and...
  19. A

    New turbo and actuator advice

    Hi everyone hoping for abit of advice. Refitting my reconditioned turbo on my 2011 1.2 tfsi audi a3 petrol, that has had a new actuator on it also. Was just wondering if I can just refit and start, do I have to reset turbo learned values before I start or is there more I have to do? T
  20. G

    Audi TT MK2 Multi Function Steering Wheel Upgrade

    Hello, I currently have a 2006 Audi TT MK2 (DSG with flappy paddles) with a standard steering wheel (no buttons) which I would like to upgrade to the Multi Function Steering Wheel (MFS). I am able to source the steering wheel online, but was wondering if there is a garage or someone around the...