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UK to NZ Maps

ama Sep 28, 2018

  1. ama

    ama Registered User

    Hi Aui-Sport forum members,

    Apologies as I'm new here but looking for some advice on navigation software - and specifically updating maps to a different region. We have just ordered a new A6 (with MMI touch navigation) for delivery early in 2019 (latest software/firmware) it will be a UK vehicle but we want to take it to NZ later in the year.

    From my desk research and speaking with various Audi dealers it appears the software will be linked to the VIN/Chassis number and therefore "region locked". This would then prohibit us from updating the maps to NZ maps when we take the vehicle to NZ later in the year, even if the "my audi connect" account is registered in NZ.

    I have heard that the Australian/NZ cars use the same base software build as the EU/UK cars (unlike some other regions) - but the map files will be an issue.

    I suspect that we will need to go to a third party company who can play with the software (either in NZ or the UK) If you have experience of this in either country please let me know who you might have used and what the process was (and importantly if it worked OK or what pitfalls to look out for)

    Thanks in advance,


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  3. ch1z64

    ch1z64 C'mon you's bhoy's in Green Silver Supporter VCDS Map User

    Hi @ama a friend from on here @samuelh_888 moved back to NZ and he couldn't find any Maps that he could use in his Rns-e headunit in his S3 before he moved back ( i know different from yours ) but it could be worth sending him a PM to see if he knows off any places that do what your looking for in NZ as he has been back about 3month now . Hope this helps
  4. ama

    ama Registered User

    Hi ch1z64

    Thanks for the heads up I'll PM @samuelh_888 to see if he has had any luck. If I get any solid info I'll post back so anyone else who is look for a similar solution has more info

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