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  • Hi, I saw your post about retrofitting autofolding mirrors modules. What is needed exactly? I’m keen to try on my B8.5 RS5
    I'm new to the Audi scene and would love to know what the approx. 3" black disk on my windscreen is for, it has 2 wires going to it The previous owner had the car for 5 years and he still didn't know what it was for. I just had the timing belt done and the garage were also unaware of what it is, only that it is a retro fit. Once i work out how, I'll upload some pics to hopefully resolve the issue.
    Very confident we will be in the last 16 off the europa cup
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    Hi fellowtim, I wondered if you could spare some time to give me some advice as regarding my 2006 A3 S line with regards some of components i believe are retrofitted on my car? I have looked at some of your posts and you seem to be the guy to go to for assistance. Hope we can get Forster for 10 in row !!
    Hi ch1z64,

    I've been advised to ask you for some help in the Aberdeen area with diagnostics. I have an A4 b6. Any chance you could give me some assistance please.

    Best regards,
    I would have easily given you a hand but i dont have my cable in Aberdeen as i am moving away and it has been left at my new residence . Sorey
    Thanks anyway
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