1. D

    Audi Q5 MMI Malfunction

    I have a 2011 Audi Q5. A couple days ago upon starting my vehicle the screen/display did not turn on nor did the buttons light up. I have watched a couple tutorial videos to try to troubleshoot before spending a lot of money at the dealer. I have tried to restart the MMI system and checked...
  2. A

    Q3 Audi Q3 is not showing parking aid illustration anymore

    Hey everyone, im new to audi. The parking aid on my audi q3 isnt showing the little screen display anymore. It was showing up until recently when i first bought the car, but it isnt showing anymore. My car is an Audi Q3 35 TFSI Black Edition 2021. The illustration in the parking aid menu doesnt...
  3. S

    Audi A6 2016 RMC Upgrade Options

    I have just purchased a 2016 Audi A6 S-Line Quattro. I love a lot about the car, and it’s a great drive! I’m just getting to know it inside out but the one thing I am not loving is the Sat Nav and Media options. I have looked up the software and it’s the RMC version with a 6.5” screen. My...
  4. T

    urgent help please Audi A1 head unit replacement

    Long story short I have damaged my Audi A1 head unit beyond repair and need to buy / install a replacement. Model number is 8XA035192C Audi garage said 2k to buy through them which is a non option. They said buying a 2nd hand one that is a different year (hardware or software number...
  5. H

    A6 avant MMI upgrade

    I’ve recently just brought a 2012 A6 avant which currently has the rmc system fitted and went to see Audi about getting the latest maps but they want £300. I was wondering if anyone has upgraded from the rmc unit to the 3g+
  6. PK77


    Just bought a 2010 Q5 and the MMI only has this strange DYNAVIN software installed. I can not work out how to make it revert back to use the normal Audi software so I can use the MMI panel as it is useless at the moment. Anyone have an ideas please?
  7. M

    Q3 MMI Issue! Please help :(

    Hi, I am a complete brand new Audi newbie. I just purchased a factory made Audi Q3 Black Edition. Its amazing and I love it. However as I've driven it 200 miles roughly the past week I have noticed many times where the MMI restarts itself mid drive. It'll just restart and say loading user...
  8. Au3

    A3 8V few questions

    Hi Audi people! I bought a 2014 model year A3 car a week ago. 1) The MMI display has now once failed to rise. (After the night.) <-- Is that 3-button reset safe? - Does it discard any self-made encodings from the device? (example changes start screen logo, possible sound system coding) 2) The...
  9. R

    Mmi suddenly stops working

    Hello! I recently bougt me a a6 c6 -07 and when driving there can be a crackling sound or a pop from the speakers. After that the mmi screen freezes and the sound goes away for a few seconds to a few minutes, and then the mmi reboots. And this just goes on and on.. Any idea what is can be? Iv'e...
  10. S

    New kid on the block and already want to get modding!

    Hello all, I have just bought a 2017 A6 Ultra S-Line Black Edition 190 and having already had a veepeak OBDII dongle downloaded Carista and made a couple of changes (needle sweep, boot remote open/close from key etc) The one thing I really want though is reliable sat nav that is up to date (and...
  11. G

    Replacing the factory radio with a touch screen

    Hello. I want to replace the factory radio (see picture below) with a touch screen. I'm not sure whether I can attach a touch screen to the preexisting radio (which also includes a cd player in the glove box, which I want to remove to make space) or I should remove the whole audio system. Anyone...
  12. alexander555

    AMI retrofit help: AMI installed, MMI software updated, still not recognised?

    Hi All, having a bit of a headache in my attempt to get music over bluetooth into my 2010 A8. My car's original set up: Two units in the glovebox: A CD changer A SATNAV/DVD/SDcard unit No AMI socket in either the glovebox or the armrest. I believe the car is too early for AMI. MMI is 3G High...
  13. stackiavelli

    Audi A4 2018 (B9) MMI Reboot Problem (screen reboots while driving randomly)

    I've been having a problem with my Audi 2018 A4. Problem description: Audi MMI system will randomly reboot itself a few minutes (2-3 usually, sometimes longer) into starting the vehicle and driving. The MMI system and the virtual cockpit screen will both go black, audio that is playing...
  14. Administrators

    Free text search / MMI search

    Free text search / MMI search Audi MMI search is available for all basic menus, and like a search engine it is based on free text entry. It generally responds to searches after just a few letters have been input, taking into consideration the car’s current location. When searching for a place to...
  15. S

    MMI Artwork Issue

    Hey everyone, sorry if this has been threaded to death but couldn't find a solution that worked for me. I currently have all my music play from my galaxy note 9 via Bluetooth and all my songs have artwork at 500x500 but the MMI still shows up as the generic "Urban, Classic, etc...". Is there a...
  16. joemethompson

    Enabling Navigation on MIB MMI

    Hey, just purchased my first Audi, 2014 A3. Really excited about owning this car, only downside is the navigation isn't enabled. I've read threads saying that you can take it to a dealer and pay 5 or £600. Which I don't want to do. Is there a way around this to install navigation on my car. I...
  17. Jord_C

    RMC Firmware Update

    Gents, Anyone on here that can provide firmware updates for RMC MMI's? After getting my 2011 Audi A7 updated, and hopefully after that a map update also. MMI Software version is '?' currently. So I'm guessing its the earliest version. Thanks in advance.
  18. HMG1K

    MMI screen - 2 pages or 3 pages to swipe on?

    The MMI on my 2020MY A5 Sportback S-Line (B9.5) has two pages that can be swiped on, both filled with boxes to tap on to access further functions. However, the MMI on my 2021MY A4 Avant S-Line (also a B9.5) has three pages to swipe on. The additional page at the start is rather nice - it is...
  19. Nick Buchan

    MIB forgets bass & treble

    As the title suggests, I've recently bought an A3 (out of Audi warranty) with the B&O system. I love it, however from time to time the stereo seems to forget the bass & treble sttings. I spke to Audi and they want £60 just to plug a laptop in to it, any firmware update would obviously cost more...
  20. A

    VCP owner required near me East London??

    Hello everyone, I have recently used VCDs to enable and configure adaptions for TSR my Audi A7 2015 face-lift with MIB2. The car has advanced tech pack, ACC with presense, Lane/side assist. Having followed a well written guide to make sure I have the correct parts etc, I was able to complete...