Eibach Sportline Part Number for A3 Sportback?


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I recently ordered a set of Eibach Sportlines for my 2009 A3 2.0 TDI Sportback under the assumption that
E20-15-007-02-22 was the correct part number. Typing my reg into amazon confirmed these were the correct springs for the car.

I have just checked now on the Eibach Shop site however, and according to that, the correct springs are
E20-15-007-04-22. These come up as non compatible on Amazon so I'm not sure if I have the correct springs or not.

Can anyone offer any clarity?
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E20-15-007-04-22 are the correct ones for your car.

E20-15-007-02-22 are for the 3 door, E20-15-007-04-22 are for the sportback.

if you check at the bottom of the eibach page for each set of springs, itll show the cars they fit. i wouldnt use amazon's compatibility list at all.


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Ah bummer. Is there much of a diffeence between the springs? I got a good deal on the springs and would be great if I could make them work