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  • Hi mate. Just wondering who you use/recommend to instal REVO software in NI? I’ve a Clubsport GTI and thinking about goong stage1. Cheers.
    @Davey-c where are you based? The main dealers are TG Performance in Bangor, give Chris a shout: 07736314465
    Cheers for that mate. Based in Ballyclare so Bangor is handy enough. I’ll give him a bell and wait until the winter when the discount is hopefully available. Lovely motor by the way, it’s a cracker and bet it’s a flying machine.
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    Hey, this is going to sound absolutely random, but I'm buying your old green Scirocco R from a garage near Bristol.

    They told me it had a Revo Stage 1 map. is that actually true? Looks like all the mods have been removed and it's just back to standard now.

    I saw your gumtree listing, it looked so much nicer when you had it with the intake and the splitter :)
    Yes mate, I had it at revo stage 1 with revo intake - I removed the map and intake to appeal to more potential buyers as I was not able to sell the car privately,
    Hi pal still got the s3 engine cover for sale? just out of curiosity will it fit a audi a3 2.0t fsi 2006 model.
    Hi mate do you still have the OEM down pipe for sale?
    I do mate. I am based in Belfast by the way. Not sure what they are worth second hand so let me look into it.
    Where do I start?
    I have been looking at inserting a question regarding my A8,
    but after numerous hours of looking through all the headings I still can't find anyway of posting a question.
    I would have thought that the heading "New posts" would have been the place to start, but once I am in that screen, the listings heading shows " Thread/Thread Starter", but that does not let me post a question here....
    I thought this was going to be a helpfull site for my problem, but it seems to have add on's which detract from the usefulness of the site..."Radio, Google map, and arcade. All these seem to be un-neccesary. It would seem to be better to have a BIG HEADING, Stating start writing a question button here... I dont know if you are part of the organisation, but you may have abetter idea of using this site than I do, and I'm sure I can't be the only one..
    i checked vemons site out there mate.
    ther a bit out of my price range for the min lol.
    do still have your old coilover ?
    hey boydie
    i was just woundering were did you get your fk coilovers from?
    i was talking to my friend thomas sturdgan and he said you had them in a3 tdi
    the s3 look a gooden
    Boydie congrats on the new car. Looks STUNNING. I am going to use 19'' and Super Sport springs on my new car. Can you give me any feedback? Do you have any problems whatsoever?
    Hi mate, noticed on talk audio that your lookin to re-home your green panel filter.

    Just wondering what gains you saw from it? Also do you have a P&P price to North East, UK?

    alright boydie a lottle birdie tells me your looking for a black optics grill i have one for sale for 150 posted if your interested let me know
    hi , mate , looking for some advice ! seen your car & love it. i"ve just lowered my a4 quattro on eibach2s, and now its time for bbs ch wheels! my dilema is 18 or 19 & tyre size
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