Eibach Sportline


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Feb 17, 2012
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I'm after a set of these springs, just wondering if anybody knows of a dealer in the Birmingham area.

I would rather pick em up and fit em asap as my car is currently down due to a busted spring :(

If not what is the delivery time on GNJ??

Cheers :D
I just ordered a set an they arrive tomorrow morning, thou tbh I wish I went for the 30mm variant :-/
Why do you wish you's gone for the 30mm variant? Looks perfect ride height on the Sportlines. No rubbing, and better suited to the standard shocks than the standard springs. I would recommend camber adjustable top strut mounts while you're doing the springs anyway, it is totally worth the adjustable strut mounts to ensure you can have the camber adjusted to OEM angles!
Hey Elgy, I took your advice on the springs..besides Audi want £64 for the one spring so thought might aswell get it lowered as I'm going to eventually.

Didn't expect such fast delivery, will order them first thing as soon as my wage goes in :D
I work that out as a 100 pound saving, minus the the cost of wheel alignment, and thats still a 40 quid saving (mine cost me 60 quid for alignment. Front and rear toe adjustment). An absolute bargain in my book!:icon_thumright:
I said that cos I didn't want the slammed look. My Sportback is a S-line so I just wanted to go about another 20mm lower than stock.

I fitted them the other day and although at first they looked perfect,now they have settled the back looks far too low IMO
think I will be taking them back off and go for the 30mm instead.