1. M

    Eibach Pro Kit on 2006 A3 - 10mm higher at front for some reason?

    This is something that's always annoyed me since lowering my A3. I haven't been bothered to measure ride height front to back, but either the back is sitting too low and the front is sitting at the correct height, or it's the other way around. Personally I think it's the latter, if anything it...
  2. S

    Eibach Sportline Part Number for A3 Sportback?

    I recently ordered a set of Eibach Sportlines for my 2009 A3 2.0 TDI Sportback under the assumption that E20-15-007-02-22 was the correct part number. Typing my reg into amazon confirmed these were the correct springs for the car. I have just checked now on the Eibach Shop site however, and...
  3. A

    Lowering 8v

    I’m looking to lower my 2013 1.4TFSI 8V A3 Sport. I’ve heard that the Sport is lower from factory than the standard SE models. Does anyone know how much by? I’ve heard 5mm and 15mm, I’ve also heard it’s only S-Line that’s lowered and not Sport at all so I’m not sure what to think. I’m looking at...
  4. Ben Watson

    A3/S3 Suspension Variation

    I'm looking to fit Eibach pro springs with Bilstein dampers (listed to only fit an S3) to my 2014 1.4 tfsi. I assume there is no difference between the A3 and S3 suspension components apart from stiffer/lower springs on the S3 meaning i could fit the S3 Eibach springs. Can anyone confirm this or...
  5. T

    WHICH Lowering Springs for A4 B9

    Hi Guys. Newbie here.. Has anyone tried to lower 2017+ A4 B9 Saloon or Avant I have done some extensive research and it seems only two Brands are available in the UK Eibach - Pro Kit lowers F+R 30mm and Sportline F 45mm + R 40mm Emmanuelle Design (USA brand but available in UK) - F+R 40mm...
  6. C

    Facelift RS3 Lowering options

    I have picked up my new Nardo RS3 Sportback and I love it having done 500 miles so far. I have come from an RS4 (B8) and a BMW M2. The thing that I think needs improving is the stance of the RS3 as it has large arch gaps unlike my RS4. I fitted Eibach springs to the M2 which made it look...
  7. TommyG6792

    A3 1.9 standard 40mm lowering???

    What's people's opinions on lowering an A3 1.9 tdi standard suspension by 40mm. Do you think this will be okay. Is it too much? To little? Or just right? Please I've been waiting answer searching for a definitive answer for too long now. And tbh I just like to get the springs bought already...
  8. scotty dugg

    S3 Eibach Springs (Fronts Only) - Where to get?

    Hi all, Looking into trying to get some Eibach lowering springs for my 57' plate S3, part number E10-15-007-14-20. Hoping someone know's of somewhere that does them cheap or will have a Black Friday offer on. Imagine rubber top mounts would be best changed at the same time? Cheers for the help.
  9. NethanB

    Coilovers vs Springs vs Springs & Shocks

    Hi Just after some recommendations / personal experiences you guys have had installing anything to lower you A4 B8 I have a TDi Quattro and want to lower 40mm all round Cost is not my issue at the moment, I just want to lower her in the best way without losing too much comfort Coilovers seem...