1. L

    A3 oem suspension

    Hi, I’ve got a 2010 a3 technik 3dr. Wondering if I can somehow fit coil overs like from the s line or s3 to lower the car but keep it oem? I’d like something comfortable still but a little sportier - and reliable. what’s my best choice? And where would I get them from? Cheers
  2. Q5 TRS

    Sold H&R Springs for S3 8V Sportback 28826-2 with drive select.

    H&R Springs for S3 8V Sportback 28826-2 with drive select. I had these on a 2014 Audi S3 8V Sportback with drive select. see pictures for specs. miles done 20,000 have been in storage in the house since I sold the car in 2017. I've only just found them! collection preferred, can arrange...
  3. rajsta

    Looking for a part 4F0412109

    Im looking for part no# 4F0412109 which is the rubber bush that's located at the top and bottom of the front springs. But it seems that you can't actually purchase part no# 4F0412109!! Strange! Apparently I have to buy part no# 4F0412066 which is the metal spring seat and includes part...
  4. L18M UX

    Wanted Lowering springs S5 coupe H&R ? B8.5

    Looking for anyone selling lowering springs for the S5 B8.5 coupe 3.0 V6 T 2014 Would prefer H&R 25-35mil 29059-1?
  5. S

    Eibach Sportline Part Number for A3 Sportback?

    I recently ordered a set of Eibach Sportlines for my 2009 A3 2.0 TDI Sportback under the assumption that E20-15-007-02-22 was the correct part number. Typing my reg into amazon confirmed these were the correct springs for the car. I have just checked now on the Eibach Shop site however, and...
  6. ohmyaudi

    Golf R springs on S3

    Will lowering springs from a golf R fit an S3?
  7. ohmyaudi

    Lowering price

    How much it cost roughly to get lowering springs fitted?
  8. V6_Man

    PFL A3 8V Sportback - Rear Suspension Question

    Hi folks, I am about to purchase Eibach Pro kit for my A3 8V (PFL Sportback) and have been asked if I have independent or dependent rear suspension. I have taken a few pics and was wondering if there was another easier way of finding which one I would have. Would appreciate help/suggestions...
  9. J

    Swap my S-line springs and shocks for SE springs and shocks

    I've got an A4 S-line 2007, but want to make the ride softer. I'd like to swap the swings and shocks with someone else that has an SE. I'm in the Gloucester area. Thanks
  10. Ben Watson

    A3/S3 Suspension Variation

    I'm looking to fit Eibach pro springs with Bilstein dampers (listed to only fit an S3) to my 2014 1.4 tfsi. I assume there is no difference between the A3 and S3 suspension components apart from stiffer/lower springs on the S3 meaning i could fit the S3 Eibach springs. Can anyone confirm this or...
  11. bobbytomorow

    About to install new suspension

    I am about to install some Koni shocks and H&R Super Sport Springs in my base model A3. The current suspension has been in since new (car has 139,000KMS or 86,000 miles). My question is, is there anything else I should replace such as top mounts bearings, dust boots, bump stops, any bolts...
  12. dp_motley

    Is installing springs developed for a lighter vehicle wrong?

    I just thought what would happen if someone installed lowering springs developed for a lighter model to a heavier one? Would someone's car drop lower than if they installed the right springs? Let's say a car had an axle load of 1065/1005 (front/rear) and someone installed springs that were...
  13. motoriety

    HELP! Need to find the correct springs for my 2008 A4 DTM

    TLDR; I need to find the correct stock springs for my A4 DTM. Chassis No: WUAZZZ8E88A801088 Engine No: BWE043658 Here's the long story: I began my DTM Saga in January 2017. I purchased a reasonably-priced low-mileage car which had some modifications including Eibach lowering springs. I drove...
  14. ApOsTle

    Show me your stance

    morning all , Recently picked up a very nice A4 Quattro Special edition S-line and tho an s-line it still sits to high I reckon so I’m looking at lowering it that little bit more. I’m looking at H&R springs initially. So come on, if you’ve got an s-line with H&R springs post up a pic so I can...
  15. C

    Facelift RS3 Lowering options

    I have picked up my new Nardo RS3 Sportback and I love it having done 500 miles so far. I have come from an RS4 (B8) and a BMW M2. The thing that I think needs improving is the stance of the RS3 as it has large arch gaps unlike my RS4. I fitted Eibach springs to the M2 which made it look...
  16. V6_Man

    Front ARB Droplinks, Rear Springs and Brakes (discs and pads)

    Car - B7 2.0 Tdi, Sline 140hp CVT Multitronic Right folks, finally changed the DMF on the car, which was causing all the engine rattle at the hot start-up. It is unbelievable how smooth and quite the start-up actually is - feels like a new car now. The start-up problem was reported in this...
  17. yyuksel

    My S4 with Rohana RC7 19x9.5's in Machined Silver...

    I finally decided on the wheels for my beautiful S4. I went with the Rohana RC7's in machined Silver. Its a square setup with 19x9.5 +33 Offset. Used the stock tires. Winter tires will go on the stock wheels. The car is also lowered with the H&R Sport Springs. ( I have adaptive suspension...
  18. motoriety

    A4 DTM Stock Springs Part #?

    Hi All, Does anyone know what the part numbers for front/rear springs are for a 2007 DTM? I recently bought one on lowering springs (too low for my taste) and would like to bring it back to factory spec. Thanks for the help!
  19. Rayner_1704

    Eibach pro lowering springs

    Hi is anyone here running eibach pro lowering springs Just wanting to know what the ride was like and how the drop is thanks
  20. M

    Vogtland springs

    has anyone put vogtland 35mm springs on there audi s3 8p? if so what does it look like and how does it drive?