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Took my 09 A3 BE in for central locking fault.

They gave me A6 3.0tdi Quattro Allroad dsg with 190 miles on the clock!

What a beautiful driving car.

What's other people had?

Cozza McA

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Car in for service.
I got an A6 SE 2.0tdi, nice to drive smooth and glides along the road. Hard to judge speed it was so quite..!
Decent spec as well as it was the dealer bosses car haha
Very different to my A3 sline,


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2009 2.0TDI in quite a few times before I was happy with it plus servicing...

Q3 2.0TDI S-Line, 1.6TDI A3 Cabrio, 2.0TDI A6 and a 1.6TDI new shape A3 8V. All brand new.


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Took my S3 in two weeks after I'd picked it up to have it re-valeted, got an A5 s-line 2.0 TFSI cab!
Took it in for a service today, and got... An A1 TDi...


S3 1.4tfsi DSG out....

S3 A4 2.0 diesel manual out....

S3 in......White A5 2.0 diesel out.

The A5 had the worst budget wheels on I've ever seen.

Id normally drive around getting a feel for courtesy cars, I took the A5 straight home and stayed there. Horrific car.

This was all with my previous 09 S3.

The new S3 is staying clear from the dealer unless my eye is stood over the bonnet with them.


There was a delay getting my S3, but signed the handover for my TT, so they put me in a S7. Slough Audi, gotta love ya :)


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09 S3 Sportback in - A3 tdi Sportback out. Was hoping it would have been something more exciting


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Was suppose to test an A1 when taking the S3 for a service but the back was too cramped for the wee one whilst in his car seat.. Ended up with a 2012 2.0 A4.. No too impressed with the interior compared to the S3.. very plastic and bland.

Another was a 2012 Q3. Forgot which spec but it was OK to drive.. Nothing too spectacular.

I was hoping they'd lend me their demo RS3 :laugh:

S3 Klec

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Had a couple... first time a A3 1.6 cab but is raining heavily so no chance to put the roof down! Second time when my S3 was in for some warranty work I had a A1 for a few days - couldn't wait to get mine back!


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A4 Avant 1.8 TFSI. Long but surprisingly quick. Would give quite a few cars a shock in a traffic light GP.


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S3 in - Black 62 plate A4 S-line Black Edition out. About 3000 miles on the clock. Spec inside was ace, got boring to drive pretty quickly though.


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I was given a Brand new White A5 2.0TDI Quattro S-Line S-Tronic with about 200miles on the clock. Very very nice car indeed.


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Just back from radio repairs - lent me .......A5 s-line 2.0 TFSI cab - surprised that not much room in rear seats! - nice car though :thumbsup: