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  • hi ads im looking to get a s line front bumper with fog grills and fogs would you know anywhere where i could get my hands on one for a decent price as ebay doesnt seem to have anything or if it does its overly priced.

    its for a sports back to s line conversion just like yours :)

    really appropriate the help thanks.
    Hi mate I'm also looking for 2006 A3 S Line Front Bumper, if you have any guidance about finding one I'd greatly appreciate it. eBay is looking pretty bare at the moment. Message me when you get a chance:
    Hi ads, could you please tell me where to get hold of a s line front and read bumper. Email me pls..

    been looking to do something similar to your conversion, but it looks like ebay has dried up or they are over charging. Was wondering if you knew someone/somewhere i could get the bumpers. I'm guessing you get asked this loads of times, so i wont be offended if i dont hear from you. PM me if you know though.


    hiya mate im just wondering if you could help me. i have a audi a3 tdi 2004 small grill and i want to do a conversion if its possible to the audi a3 black edition 2008-2012 which is the 8p3 i believe,i need to replace the front bumper and wing on it regardless as it is damaged and i already have a black edition front bumper and grill and back bumper with grey splitter of a 2011 one lying about,i dont want the led lights jsut the standard 8p3 ones, if its possible to do this conversion what other parts will i need please get back to me buddy
    HI mate, I have a 06 audi 2.0 tdi sport and was looking to find an s line bumper for it , i was wondering if you could help me with this and also how easy is it to fit it etc? my email is, many thanks, Alexander
    I have never asked for help from you but I have received help by looking at your posts. So, Thank You for always helping out on the forum
    Hi, I saw the conversion DIY that you made, first of all thank you very much for doing it and for puting all the hard work in it. I would like to ask you a few questions, can you please get back to me to my email address
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