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  • Hi T8ups,

    I wont be able to make an order till next month should i still put my name down on the list for the fogs ?


    Front fog lights will be in next week. please see here to reserve - http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/products/178515-h11-ice-white-fog-bulbs-2.html#post1797520

    number plate LED's wont work in your car without an error, i am working on a LED that will be Error free so i should have that released soon. and i can supply the front dome lights, if you put your name down on the fog light thread i will contact you over the weekend and i can get the order placed and send the fogs and dome lights out next week.

    Hello. What car do you have? what year is it?

    and yes i can post to cyprus. Thanks
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