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  • hi mate your old bbs ch was they et50 with 225 35 19 and you had no rubbing with them ?
    hi there Pete. I wonder if you can help out with a bit of advice. i have an S3 White ( black ed and Sky roof) due in about 4 weeks time and have been stressing about wheels for a few weeks now and wanted to ask advice. the car will be lowered by 20mm

    the shortlist are CH blacks 19 that i know you run. i really wanted the deeper dish look ET35 but have been told they wont fit without rub issues without running neg camber. Do you have any pics you can forward to me as i cant seem to find any good pics anywhere.

    Helios 19 are the other option, powder coated matt dark anthracite

    The RS4 thing may look good, but its been so hammered now.

    i am wanting it to have an OE look, and really appreciate any guidence or opinion.


    darren wheeler
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