Help Please S4 B8 Clutch Recommendation


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Nov 13, 2017
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Hi I have a 2009 S4 B8 that has been tuned with pulleys and remap to stage 2. Please can someone recommend a clutch and flywheel for it as my clutch has started to slip.

It's running around 430ft/lbs torque from last Dyno. Will a clutch such as a Luk or Sachs be okay or do I need a stage 2 Clutch? What would you recommend?

From what I have read it holds up very well
Planning to do this set up later in the new year hopefully. Speak to Mike he can sort a better price then Sach's website.
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My car now will not rev beyond 5 without the clutch slipping when under full load.dont fancy paying £2k for a proper one mind you.this at £500 or whatever it is sounds ok to me .will I need to replace my flywheel also when changing it .
Who is mike chum ??
You normally can contact on facebook but iv forgotten his id.

I generally just give him a call or drop him an email on the below: Or
01905 346808

He works for listers.

Flywheel and clutch with all the bolts i think should cost less than £800 he can also quote u on the sachs which will be cheaper then the website.

Give him a call or drop him a mail on Wednesday he should reply quick.