1. R

    Stuck in reverse

    Hi everyone, I've been having issues lately with my 2017 A3 where I can't shift the car out of reverse into neutral. It's happened about 4 times in the last month. It only seems to get out of gear if I turn off the ignition, wait a few seconds, turn on the car again and then depress the clutch...
  2. S

    Audi S3 8P 2007 Clutch

    Hey guys, I’m looking to swap out my current clutch and can’t seem to find what clutch will be sufficient without spending more than I need to. Is it possible to just change the clutch disc and use the original pressure plate or is it just being dumb and cheap? I’m going to do stage 2 after I...
  3. D

    Braided clutch cable worth it when uprating clutch for stg 2+?

    Hi All Looking for opinions whether a braided clutch cable is necessary for the likes of a sachs performance or helix performance clutch when moving to stage 2+ I'm having a new clutch put in soon and wondering if you see any actual benefit or is it just a gimmick? Thanks
  4. armoredcat

    Audi A3 2015 weird gearbox behavior

    Gearbox started behaving weirdly recently. When the car is "coldish", but had some time run, whenever there is any uphill the gearbox seems to struggle in at least 3rd and 4th gear. The car starts to give the engine extra revs or like slipping the clutch. Kinda like when you're trying to start a...
  5. A

    18 plate stationary, but revs when I press clutch and release it..

    So I was removing the from the drivers seat today. As I broke seat deal the adjuster and was taking it out ready for the new part to arrive Tuesday. So I did all the usual, battery off and when finished took it for a spin to clear faults. Noticed nothing untoward! Went out for another drive and...
  6. T

    clutch slipping stepmom Audi A3 2013

    How much would it cost to change the clutch full thing and where? The car slips when I put it in reverse there is a shake. But it drives perfectly in drive and reverse. Only when in gear for a second does the shake. Thanks
  7. T

    Gearbox jumps slightly in reverse before reversing stronic.

    The mechanic said change the clutch in the steptronic gearbox or the whole gearbox. How much would cost by an indie and where could I and could they just change the clutch itself as one of the tooth in the clutch is a bit worn. Thanks Audi A3 2013
  8. J

    New Clutch Needed

    So my clutch decided to give up on me today. I need to get a new clutch but I was planning to get the car remapped at some point anyway(2005 2.0 Tfsi Quattro). So I was thinking I may as well put in a stage 1 clutch as a stock clutch will probably wear out quicker than I would like after a...
  9. C


    Hello all I need my clutch replaced on my 1.8 Tsfi DSG and was wondering what I need, does anyone have part number for the clutch, and do I need a clutch kit or just the clutch? I’ve looked at the kit in the picture and was wondering if that’s suitable or overkill for just normal driving as I...
  10. CB120

    S1 Gearbox & Transfer case - Metal found in the oil

    Hey guys, im brand new to this forum. Im coming here because unfortunately, ive found a lot of metal in my transfer case and gearbox. Something seems to be making a crunching sound while in reverse as well. Ive stopped driving my car until i get a gearbox recondition & new transfer case...
  11. FPSUsername

    The horrible pedals

    Does anybody else notice how bad the pedals are on the 8P? The clutch "engage" window is HUGE, and I often struggle to get a smooth start. I'm used to a short window like in the Toyota Yaris MK3 and the Mazda MX5 NA/NB. The brake feels spongy, with the first half doing nearly nothing (this...
  12. Filledille

    Clutch problem

    The car is an Audi A4 B8 with 3.0 TDI engine and its having about 230000km on it. Hello, a couple days ago my clutch started to get stuck like half way on the way up while driving, it wasn’t often so I was able to get home. When it got stuck it popped up by itself and sometime I had to tap it...
  13. E12_RHN

    2.0 TDi bkd Judder/Misfire

    Hello all very new to this but was wondering if anyone could help me out a bit. I have a 2007 Audi A3 with the 2.0 bkd engine everytime I start the car from cold, at idle there is a very intense judder which I believe to be a misfire but, when I apply the gas it runs as normal. Its been doing...
  14. AudiG12KPM

    Slipping Clutch

    I have an 2010 Audi A4 B8 2.0tdi Avant Sline Special Edition i had it mapped Stage 1 clutch started to slip at 2k rpm had a replacement Sachs clutch & DMF kit and new release bearing.. picked it up today and still slipping at 2k rpm garage is useless and not interested. Has anyone got...
  15. J

    Do I have the wet or dry clutch? Can somebody help me as i have slipping gears.

    I have the audi a5 3.0tdi with the 7 speed stronic box, I think i need a new clutch as the gears slip in 3rd 5th and 7th, after doing research I think its the wet clutch but cant find a clutch to buy for one of these! If anybody can shed some light and maybe a link that would be awesome, thank...
  16. Woopie

    Audi A3 2.0 TDI jerky gear change

    Hello, i have a little problem with my Audi A3 8p 2.0 TDI CFGB 170. When i bought the car it had installed an alarm with engine start from distance. I was to an electrician that removed that alarm module because i dont need it, and immediately after he did that, when i change the gear or if i...
  17. Richard Sievewright

    Judder pulling away, Flywheel or engine mounts?

    I have recently got an A6 2013 which has a judder when pulling away in first, i can feel a lot of vibration through the gear stick but nothing noticeable through the clutch pedal. The issue seems worse when the engine is warm and i also don’t experience the same vibrations when reversing. could...
  18. N

    B8 Gearbox overheating, adapt driving style

    Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this message on dashboard while accelerating. Have 180.000km now and it ieems that under heavy acceleration the 3rd and 5th gears are "slipping", car stops accelerating and revs go high then the chime sounds and above error appear for 2 seconds...
  19. Temsku

    Weird sound from the A5 S-Tronic gearbox

    Hello! I'm having this weird noise coming from the gearbox. It occurs when the gear is on P or N. When you shift to D or R, it disappears. Flywheel has been replaced, but no impact whatsoever to the noise. The noise actually got a bit more silent, but I think it's because the gearbox oil was...
  20. Joshua Ward

    New performance clutch vibrating on set off in 1st and reverse ???

    Hi all just wondering if anyone can shine some light on this issue. I have just had my helix autosport clutch and flywheel fitted from AKS Tuning for my S3, and when I set off in 1st it's vibrating and in reverse it's more prominent, I've done 400 miles on the clutch since fitted and the issue...