S4 B8 Uprated Clutch Options/Recomendations?


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Mar 17, 2016
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steel city
Well it looks like its new clutch time,its slipped a few times now and its also starting to struggle to get gears,especially 1st,2nd.

After doing some reading and searching the net,most seem to sway towards the Sachs Xtend clutch for the manual S4 B8 cars,but im not 100% on this and wondered what other members have fitted or recomend.

The car is making 530bhp/425ftbs at the moment,but that is with a standard charge cooler fitted(Something else i need to change)so a standard clutch isn`t suitable as the power/torque will increase slightly when the AIT drop after the new cooler fitment,what have people fitted or what do you recomend.

Would it also be wise to replace the flywheel aswell,or is this not needed and should i just go with a new clutch kit.:smile new:

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The sachs extend is not enough - I have one fitted to my car at at only 400bhp it can't hold launching hard and slips. I did the whole clutch and flywheel at the same time. In retrospect I wish I had gone with a lightened flywheel and paddle clutch.
That is a good price, I think I paid around £800 for the clutch and LUK flywheel. It may be I didn’t bed the clutch in enough before my first launch... which may or may not have happened on the way home from the mechanics....

but even so I don’t think there is any way it would hold 530bhp.
Might have 530hp but 575nm of torque is not much so maybe a fresh new stock clutch is enough - I can get good deals on SRC if you want me to make an enquiry