ECU - Adaptation with VCDS?


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Jul 5, 2013
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Re: Audi A3 - 1.9tdi 2009 (8p)

Can an second hand ECU be adapted to my car using VCDS?
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How would I find out which Immobilizer Generation is on my car?
Rosstech quote vw vehicles a lot

From experience with your model year, the car uses a challenge code. When manipulating immobiliser data, turning the key off resets everything. Unlike the immo3/2

I have only once attempted a cluster adaption on a 8p 2004 with vcds, and it failed. Im unsure if this was due to no adaption possible due to immo type, or a bad cluster.

On a vw caddy/golf upto 2004/2006 adaption is defo possible with vcds.

On your car i would use different tools. VCDS to me is only for the fault finding and softcoding etc.

Maybe you should email them as your dad has a genuine cable, and see if they can clarify this?

Immobilizer Generation 4

Many newer cars including all of the Golf/Jetta (1K) Models use Immobilizer 4. There are different varieties of Immobilizer 4 Implementations, some of them don't show a 14-digit Immo-ID anywhere, but rather a "Challenge" Value in Advanced ID. This Challenge changes every Time Terminal 15 (Ignition) is cycled.

As a general rule, VW models using Immo 4A (with Adaptation) may have Serial Numbers that contain VWZ (for Example VWZ7Z0G7051888). VW models using VWX (for Example VWX7Z0G7051888) "or ones without a Serial Number shown at all, do not use Adaptation and will have the revolving "Challenge" Value in Advanced ID. Those systems using a Challenge Value are not considered supported at this time.
Ask someone from chip tuning to turn off immo in the engine control unit.
VAG EDC16 immobilizer bypass utility
Pin code for audi also is easy to read ,but too expensive software.
[h=1]ABRITES VAG Commander 6.6[/h]

I have this software, and already tested an immo off ecu on the car, wrightyrx7 was reluctant to leave the car with no immobiliser though
I Understand .
It is very difficult to check., I installed a secondary power switch , cutting off the current from the main relay to engine ECU or in all audi and vw the best is cut of electrical wire from stering wheel control unit to onboard control unit .
When you turn the key in the ignition switch nothing works and you can not start the car.
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You're right, but immo is no perfect protection, the thief can disable it with the same program as you through the diagnostic socket in 15 secund: -}
The best are hidden switches and cut off power for diagnostic socket in the car.