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  • Hi, could you provide a complete new key fob for a b8 s4 GY61APK? Cheers
    I have just bought an Audi A6 S LINE 2.7 TDi 2006, with 1 three button key. What info would you need to cut a spare key for the car please?


    Hi Tom, Is it possible for you to provide a quote for supply and programming of a key for my 2004 Audi A3 please?
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    hi mate, I'm having heater blower issues with my 09 a6 tdi, any chance you could do me a scan please? happy to pay, cheers Paul
    Hi @udi A3 - I have a 2005 MMI system that has gone dead. Can't see an issue with fuses. Do you know of an engineer near me (Manchester) that could help diagnose?
    Hi I've seen your local to me with a vcd. I'm after my ami unit to be coded into my rnse radio if your able to do this? Thanks Oliver
    Hi I've a 2010 audi 20.tdi a3 facelift and with a super vag k can plus 2.0 killed my instrument cluster. i have purchased a second hand cluster but don't know skc code for either cluster or my ecu is this something you could do? I'm in west london uxbridge i understand its quite a long way but i don't know how to get this issue resolved, car been off road for two weeks now won't start. thanks in advance
    hi there , would you be able to open the aux channel on my rnse unit so i can use a mini jack lead . cheers dave in doncaster
    Hi Tom,
    In looking at some old posts, I found that you might be the man to talk to. Some of us folks in the US are not a fan of the 14+ S3/A3 key as compared to the A4/S4 slim key. We've been trying to find a way to swap over the transponder to the slim key, but with no luck. Any chance you could provide some insight on this topic?

    @udi A3
    @udi A3
    Transponder will swap easy to allow the car to start. remote pcb not so easy.
    Hi Tom,
    How much would it cost me for a replacement key for my audi a3
    2005 if you were to supply ??
    Thanks Rob in northampton
    Hi mate, I've got an Audi a3 8p and the key fob has packed up. I can't get in the car but if you need access I can use a brick. How much would you want for sorting a new key fob for me please mate? I live in Cosby, Leicester thanks
    Toma69 I can program a new/second hand cluster in. May be able to repair yours also.
    hi there, ive got a 2011 2.0 tdi s line , im currently repairing but the original instrument cluster has been destroyed, what would be the easiest way to replace it , new , used etc and how could i get it coded , thanks in advance
    Hi Tom, I am in New Zealand with a Jap import A3 8p and only one key. Are you able to help me get a cheap spare key incl. cutting and programming? Cheers
    Hi mate Hows it going ?

    Pick your brains again , as siad , just got hold of some lights but are H1 bulb fit in the projector side , was thinking to either remove my projector and put in these , or i have seen HID kit type HID bulb in H1 fit which has the 2 wires and plugs then get another patch which has a female plug to fix to Oe balalsts ????

    Anyways, what i ever i choose , i will need to get lenses off ,i take it you have done this , whats the easiest way ?? was thinking a heat gun from a safe distance to soften bonding ???
    Cheers again
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