Cheap but effective modification and completed in 10 minutes!


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May 22, 2010
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On my last Audi A4 B6 model I changed the water pistol jets to the fan version from the VW Passat. I was quite surprised to find that Audi are still using the water pistol version, so I decided to change them in my B8 model.

Not sure if this would be something anyone would consider on the B8 model, but trust me the difference is unbelievable. They fitted perfectly so straight swap and just to adjust the spray angle.

Just thought I would create a post to give other B8 owners a modification to maybe consider!:)
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part numbers please ?
Sure no problem, the part numbers are as follows:

Heated Fan Jets - 5M0955986C
Non/Heated Fan Jets - 5M0955985C9B9

Here is a link where I originally got the idea, great modification!:)
iv done the b6/b7 in the past
do you have to glue the B8 ? same as the b7
Nope the B8 its a straight swap perfect fit no glue required!:)
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nice one will order monday
cant be ***** with the glue
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Yea it was a pain now, glued my hand also!lol
Nah I don't mate, I made that mistake also when ordering! The heated ones I have on matches what I have in my thread! They changed the part numbers slightly from what I understand.
Great I have thought that the audi ones are poor considering so many other cars have the fan jets which seem much better, maybe the screen wash will last a bit longer now as it seems I need to constantly refil mine, will order some which ones would you say to get??? Cheers :)
Yea they are very poor now! .. Funny I thought the same thing always refilling mine also, maybe the headlight washers don't help!lol .. Check to see which ones you have at the moment, two ways see if there is any wiring running into the bonnet at either side when you open the bonnet. Or check by popping one off, very easy, i would check first!:)
I got mine from VW mate, Audi might be able to order them for you also!
I read elsewhere people struggle to get the spray high enough when changing to the fan type
How high does yours hit the screen?
I haven't had any problems John, they spray high enough for me now!:)
I like the look of this mod, on my S4 the jets are rubbish, and the drivers side jets need adjusting anyway

I have had a quick look for the parts for this mod and the heated parts are £21 each off ebay -can anyone find them cheaper ??

Will have a quick look under the bonnet later on, and might give this mod a go
Im also tempted by this... My concern though is even with the standard jet type the pressure isn't very high and they struggle to give good coverage. Not sure if its a weak pump or if the system is slightly blocked?

Has anyone else experienced this?
A friend of mine got them from a breakers for 15 quid for the pair (heated) and no problems with them!:).. Can't say I have experienced that tbh mate, I will try to take a wee video later of them in action to let you see.
Yea thats what you need to get them from, perfect fit.
If they are non heated is there a way to make them heated or is it not worth doing?? Would be good to post a vid of this mod to see what kind of coverage it gives on the window before we all go out and do it lol
I would say there might be a way to add the wiring for heated but honestly can't see it worth the hassle unless its really really cold weather, usually the heat of the engine does the trick. I will dig out the link from my last car to show the difference and will try to get a short video of them for you on thr B8.
took me a while to wonder what the hell you were on about with "piston" and "fan" :p (thought it was the water propulsion method at first...not the spray style haha!!!)

deffo be putting this mod on the list :) out of curiosity.... with regards to nozzle adjustment, is it just a vertical alignment or can they be rotated/aimed left/right? reason I ask is just on my car (not audi :( ) each jet has 3 nozzles so they are set up to fire at different heights of the screen to give better coverage when motorway driving. also kinda wondering if you could have an angled spray like ? "/ \" ...maybe not that extreme angle but you get the idea :p
The thing with the fan type spray if you angle it towards the top of the window it gives good coverage on the window from top to bottom anyway it is a lot better way if you ask me why Audi don't do it seems a bit poor to me...
Its just a vertical alignment I am afraid, but as SI-W85 said you angle it towards the top of the window! It beats me also why this isn't something Audi fit as standard!.. DrSasso that would be class!lol

Since a few of you guys suggested maybe taking a video to show them in action I have done one before and after along with a few snaps for you to have a nosy! :)

I am very impressed with them now, the coverage is excellent imo! :thumbsup:




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My Skoda Superb had fan jets too, so the Skoda part could be another source for them.
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Sure no problem, the part numbers are as follows:

Heated Fan Jets - 5M0955986C
Non/Heated Fan Jets - 5M0955985C9B9

Also fitted to the Seat Alhambra 2011 - 2014, Skoda Superb 2008 - 2014, Skoda Yeti, VW Eos, and most later VW models. Beetle, Caddy, Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta, Passat, Scirocco, Sharan.
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Well I'm not near my car so could someone please tell me how many I would need 1 or 2 and heated or non-heated?

Wheres the best place to buy them from?

Many Thanks
You need two and its hard to say if you need heated or not, you will need to check this yourself. I think since yours is an S-Line they might well be heated. But I can't say for sure.

You can get them from VW, Seat, Breakers or TPS. If they are heated then perhaps a breakers would be better as they are a bit expensive from the dealer.
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Mines an sline but they they aren't heated so I would check for yourself... :)
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Yea as I said I wasn't too sure!lol:think: .. I would definitely check yourself will only take you a few minutes but better to be sure! .. Strange though, wonder was it an additional option!Hummm
thanks for the response and the vid. the coverage difference really makes you wonder why everyone isn't using fan sprays :p could have done with the heated ones this morning, bit icy!!! cleared the screen, drove off...did the wipers about 50 yards down the road (without water) and it basically covered the screen in ice again in a thin sheet xD DOH!!!
Yea as I said I wasn't too sure!lol:think: .. I would definitely check yourself will only take you a few minutes but better to be sure! .. Strange though, wonder was it an additional option!Hummm

It will be an additional option as with everything on Audis lol even silly things like door lights I mean wtf that should be standard for safety reasons, sun visor lights and glove box, foot well I think its crazy that an s line especially doesn't come with those lights as standard... :)
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No problem at all, its good to see it in action gives you a better idea of the difference! :) .. It certainly was icy this morning, heated is very handy!:) ..

I totally agree, the glove-box light is what annoys me the most, for such an expensive car and as you said with it being S-Line it should have more extras as standard.

You can see if there is any wiring running into the bonnet either side, or pop them off and you should see a wire going into the washer itself. Two seconds to pop off!
Funny I seen that!lol Be class to say you have the washer jets off a lamborghini!lol
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Just checked mine and they are heated. Which other cars/ spec are likely to have heated fan type?