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May 17, 2014
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I have just swapped the internal lights to LEDs thanks to T8ups. The rear footwells were a real PITA and also the front map and dome lights were a bit fiddly. The footwells are so much brighter and obviously all the others are now white light rather than yellow so looks far more modern!

Next are the puddle and red door lights and then finally the fogs.


One quick question - I assume these bulb changes will not affect the Audi warranty if ever needed?

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Good job, they make a big difference to the interior of the car, especially when unlocking the car when it's dark. :)
Just been for a drive after dark, looks great with the brighter footwell light when you open the doors
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Door and puddle lights all fitted. Only one out of the eight was a PITA as I could not get the connector to fit properly, after a little persuasion it connected just had to push the connector around a little. The fog lights were straightforward through the wheel arch undoing two screws each side and twisting out the old and straight swap. All looks much better, it's just a shame Audi do not do this as standard!
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So now that's done, what's next? :think:
You've got the mod bug now, keep your wallet open mate. :hubbahubba:
Looking at some S4 wheels, then that is probably it for my car but started playing with the wife's Mini!
but started playing with the wife's Mini!

im still not sure
If only I was closer they look perfect....

You can only ask if he'll post, and try to cut him down to pay for courier???
Suggest cash on delivery or something safe re cash transfer, I don't want the blame of you getting stung, lol!
Zobware, if you really interested give me a call, I'll pm you my number, I am willing to collect them for you and you arrange a courier from mines. I'm 25 mile from Glasgow, need to be next week though, I'm off tomorrow to a wedding in Chesterfield, back Wednesday.
John G.
Thanks for the kind offer, I've sent the seller a message waiting for a reply. I'll be in contact if all looks good and see what price he will accept.

Thanks again
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No probs pal, only trying to help out a fellow ASN'r.
Just text me if it's a go'r. Good luck.
John G.
Nice first modification, definitely a must! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the mods!