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  • Hi - new to the forum. I have an issue with a4 cranking and not starting after a dead battery / replacement and wondered if you may be able to help RE vcds? I'm in rotherham. if you can help out in anyway that would be amazing! completely at my wits end with it! Lucas
    send me your number
    hi ive got a4 2009 tdi s line
    have emisions light on had it scaned comes up with exhaust preasure sensor wondered if you could help me if a new one needs coding would you do it for me well when i find where its fitted lol
    thanks if you cant no probs
    am in sheffield
    Hiya I'm converting my a4 b7 2.0tfsi cab from a ko3 turbo to a ko4, I saw on one of your threads that you have done a few. I was wondering where you got a fast flow cat from if you used one that is?

    Hiya I'm converting my a4 b7 2.0tfsi cab from a ko3 turbo to a ko4, I saw on one of your threads that you have done a few. I was wondering where you got a fast flow cat from if you used one that is?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and just wondering if either you might be able to help or if you could recommend anyone else to help me in the Sheffield area please. I have a 2006 A6 showing airbag faults 00588 and 01587, my scanner is very basic so don't have any more details. I've tried resetting but the light reappears after about a second. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
    hello can we agree a price for the tail lights pls
    as iv said £160 posted
    that is the best im going to do as said a few times already
    Hi, got your details from Sandra as your around my area. I'm looking to try to activate few features in my 8P Audi A3 like home coming lights or cornering fogs. Is this something you would be able to help ? I was also thinking of remapping my car to give it a bit more then the stock 105 break. Cheers in advance.
    Hi mate, just saw your post re an A4 spoiler on the net; don't suppose you know of similar A3 spoilers/could link me? Cheers, Dan
    Hi Bez,
    I'm new to this site and been reading through the threads. Can you get your hands on a front DTM bumper, I'm looking at a damaged dtm at the moment but it's extremely pricey.
    If you could let me know I'd be very greatful.
    hi lee
    could i grab your number from you so i can make sure we are still ok for the meet on sat
    re honeycombe mesh cheers mate
    Hi Bez, NHN has recommended I get in touch with you regarding my A4 2.0tdi 170 basically it's dead ... It stalled and now there's nothing ... Is it something you can help with? ... Regards Graham 07709353967
    Hi Bez.

    Sandra said to give you a message,

    Basically needing the car scanned, 1.6 akl a3 1997 sport,

    getting 20-25 mpg - no fuel leak that I can see, my hand held scanner is not showing any codes,

    Would you be able to help me out with a proper scan?

    Hi mate, you once pointed me in the direction of a lambda spacer for the 2.0 tfsi using a decat. Any chance you could remind me which 1 it was? :)
    ******, onlt just got your message about todays meet, please let me know when next one is and i will be there
    Just wondering if i can take up your offer of restting my Airbag light
    I have this weekend of work, i know its a little last min, but i only just found out
    igg is ignition cos im lazy
    anyway you need a ignition on from fuse box then run it to the headlights 1 for each side
    then they come on when you turn car on
    hi mate can you explain to me how to wire the DRL so it comes on with the ignition? what is IGG sorry i havent got a clue what to do

    hiya bez, fantastic looking dtm there mate. do you know where you got the rs4 grill & (and how much?) from i know most rs4 grills wont fit dtm fronts. i'm after the honey comb effect grill that you have, any help would be greatly appreciated. andy
    What car are they for? Give me a ring on 07723452691 or if you want to leave a contact no. I can call you.. I rarely use audisport
    Hi Bez, apologies or being a pain lol, while back theres was a thread that included pics of your 3 piece boot spoiler, i have trawled but cant seem to find it, could you poss point me oin the right direction or pm a pic link, i need to show my mate so he knows what part that needs trimming, appreciated it mate if you could help
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