Anyone know what bumper this is or where I can get grills for it?


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Mar 31, 2012
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I got this car a couple of years ago, bumped the bumper on a kerb and wrecked the grill.

Went to the Audi dealer for a replacement grill and found out that it's not got original Audi Bumpers. The original bumper grills were much smaller than these.

I've had a look through the net for aftermarket bumpers and can't seem to find any that look the same.

Any suggestions?


Looks like the vortex front bumper to me, quite rare and parts are hard to get hold of. They sometimes turn up on eBay but normally go for quite alot. How badly damaged is the grill??
They are the same bumpers as mine, votex, they were a optional extra from Audi, try stoke Audi on the sponsor thread they can get hold of votex parts like the grills etc.. Hope that helps fella
i used to get them from a place in germany
cant find the link now
Audi dealers will be able to get these, the numpty at the part counter has just entered your reg and said the grills won't fit, rather than going on to ETKA and finding the part number for the votex ones.......
hey m8 take a look in the B6 part number thread james as put the ekta info in there before.... scroll down a few posts its there
Votex grilles aren't in the parts sticky. When you find out the part numbers please let me know and I can add them.
Found these part no's on another site for the whole kit:

Front Chin Spoiler: 8E0 071 609 9AX
Left replacement Grill: 8E0 071 612 L041
Right replacement Grill: 8E0 071 612 R041
Middle replacement Grill: 8E0 071 612 M041
Replacement clips (bag of 10 clips and 10 screws): 000 071 612V

Side Sill Kit: 8E0 071 685 9AX

Rear Skirt: 8E0 071 610U 9AX
Middle replacement Grille: 8E0 071 610 9AX
Adhesive: 000 071 780
Outer Grilles (single exhaust?): 8E0 071 611B 041
Outer Grilles (dual exhaust?): 8E0 071 611A 041

Rear Trunk Spoiler: 8E0 071 645 9AX
wow thats awesome! I had no idea that audi did silver tail laps as an option! I wonder if it looked any good?! AND an RS4 front grill!?! thats a wicked find mate!

Don't forget a lot of that stuff is for B5's as well and B6's, like the RS4 grille.