Anyone know where I can get OEM dash trim other than dealer?


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Jun 10, 2003
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Got my leather/alcantara interior installed today but the alu dash trim that came with it has major dents and scratches on the main piece across the dash (it is also from a quattro, so need a plain one). VAGPARTS are no more so is it just rape time from the stealer?
I tried that quattrojames, it just doesn't work - it's impossible to get a smooth surface on the corners and the whole trim is slightly curved and it causes no end of problems on the ends!
Strange, I'm sure people have posted pics up on here having done it? I know people who've done it with carbon to good effect.
Yeah, I've seen that too, and lots of professionals doing it too I suppose it depends on the quality of the stuff you have. I found that the edges were nearly impossible to do (and have it look good) and even the flat-ish panels got creases when left in a hot car for a day or two.
I have that bobbly metallic stuff and have rubbed that down this week into a really good-looking brushed aluminium trim.
Thanks but I want the original metal stuff, not fake plastic crap. Really can't see why people cover their interiors with sticky back plastic fake carbon fibre - totally hideous IMO