help with retrofit power steering???


Sep 11, 2009
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hi guys
retrofitted my mfsw today by changing the steering ecu and slipring with help from a few guides on here.
it hasnt been coded for the multifunction controls to work yet, but i thought i could drive it around normally till i get it coded.
however i have no power steering and both the steering wheel light is on and the esp light.
can anyone help?
could i have a faulty ecu as the one i bought is second hand?
thank in advance!!!
If you need it coding I have VCD. As your probably round the conner from me I can try and code it for you. I'll give it a try if you want ...even thou I haven't coded one before.
what you need to do is turn the car on with wheel centered, wait 5 secs turn full lock left wait 5 secs, turn full lock right wait 5 secs, then centre the wheel and turn off the ignition. that should sort the steering wheel light. Then driving the car a few meters should stop the esp light.
hi ollie, i have tried this and it still wont go away. any other ideas?
You need to reverse in a straight line as well as go forwards.

It won't get sorted until it's coded though !
It needs coding, you have done nothing wrong, mine did exactly the same . I dropped it in to mate at Audi and it took him less than 30 seconds to get the steering power back and all the lights out. S3 ollie is right but i needed to drive mine about 100yds forwards and backwards in a dead straight line to get the light out.
once the car is coded for the new parts, clear all current faults from the abs module (03) and the steering assist module (44) then go for a very slow (5mph) drive on an open road. fully lock the wheel left, then fully lock right then centre it and the light will go and power steering will come back, then just drive in a straight line up to 10mph and the esp light will go out.
I did this today on a car and the lights would not go out until i first cleared the faults in the car and then did the above procedure.
You need to do a steering angle sensor calibration, aswell as a steering limit stop calibration, you really should use vcds for these to me exact, if using the same parts yes it will reset by itself in most circumstances, but upgrading needs a proper calibratiion done.
just wana say thanx to all the above posters for their help, especially diggs and ash for getting the coding done and clearing the errors. much appreciated.
Was nice meeting you mate. Glad we got it sorted!

Also I forgot to say earlier I had the same sound system as you before I did my upgrade so yours will be fully compatible
Hi I've fitted a ttrs flat bottom steering wheel mfsw and chainged the controller to the f one my car is a 3 sport tdi 1.9 non mfsw standard
I don't know what to do next as in coding with as it only shows coding for 3 spoke with mfsw also is it essential to change the slip ring and I've heard you have to tape it up sorry for the novice question
Good morning all,

Can anyone help me with how I recalibrate using VCDS to get my Power Steering & ABS back, after upgrading to CC & MFSW ?