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  • Hi mate,

    I've got a Audi a3 59 8P which I would like to enable home coming lights. Are you able to enable this for me ?

    Thanks in advance
    Hi JR, looking to get my 2009 A3 scanned on VCDS for some errors. Can you let me know if you'll be available and how much would it cost? Cheers!
    Hi, I need to check for error on my mk5 gti and activate a few things. Is this something you can help with? Thanks
    Hey mate! Im doing the same conversion right now and I faced a difficult with the side fenders/wings - how did you fit them because on top they have something like U-brackets with holes to attach for the car i area next to the bonnet. With these U-brackets the stay like lifted and doesn't fit, Please give me an advice or if you have some pictures also for the side wings/fender when you have installed. Cheers.
    Hi mate,

    I am looking to get rear lights coded. I have an 07 A3 and upgrading to LEDs.

    Could you help me with this please? I am not too far from you.

    Does the crash bar need to be replaced or altered.

    Have i forgot anything?

    I have searched the internet looking for someone who has done this specif conversion and you are the only one i can find who has done it right.
    My car is Audi a3 2004-2005 split grill 1.6 FSI.

    Any advice would be great mate

    Audi a3 /s3 /.sline front bumper 2008-2012
    bonnet 2008-2012
    side wings 2008-2012
    grill 208-2012 ( not sure if grills are different like the 2005-2008 grills.s3/a3/sline are different sizes)
    Am a novice to do with lights.They have never really intrigued me to change them but i think i will have to.Is there specif fog lights and head lights i must get.
    Hello mate
    Sorry to bother you i can see below your inbox is full.I was looking at the conversion you did back i 2011 on the audi a3.I must say mate great job really awesome.I want to try to do myself.I am unsure what parts i need and what needs to be done.I want to get a price guide going so can get starred.As far as i no i need
    Hi Jamil.

    Sorry for the late reply, been away. back now tho.

    I need to know what year your car is and if its fitted with the interior light pack?

    inbox is full.

    Hey there, I would be most grateful if I can get some help with my current problem below, I love around the area you are located(location on forum map) so travelling won't be a problem.

    Vw polo, 1.4, 2002, grey. Was involved in crash both front airbags deployed no mayor exterior damage just a few scratches. Dashboard changed, new airbags placed and seat belts changed. After an expensive repair i need to get the codes for any faults and erase the dashboard lights. I need a VCDS Diagnostic as I need to erase crash data(airbag dashboard light) and check any other faults recorded.

    Will be waiting for your response.

    hiya mate just wondering if you could help me i hear your the man,i have a audi a3 2004 with the old shape grill and i have a 2008 front end. do you know what i have to do and change to do thiis conversion? if so get back to me mate cheers
    DIGZZ mate, clear your inbox, I'm trying to PM you about that thing we spoke about but your inbox is full.
    Hi buddy, I hear you've done the DRL headlight conversion, I've had lights coded now just and all works fine but after a few minutes my dip will turn off until I turn them back on, did u experience this problem? My number is 07967740733 if u can help? I have a friend here with VCDS right now.
    Alrite mate

    Im not sure which one I bought as there was two types but I must of bought the wrong ones. I got back in contact with Kufatec to find out if there was something else I also needed to make them work and they sent me an email back saying normally I would need a body control module in addition!
    Yea I had a look at your parts list but I'm still not sure exactly what I need. I think the ones I might have bought was these ones:
    Xenon/HID Curve Light - Adapter - Audi A3 8P & 8P Sport

    Was it these ones you bought then:
    Xenon/HID Headlights - Adapter - Audi A3 8P & 8PA Facelift

    Also mate, did you need anything else with these & what did you do about the spotlights?

    Sorry to be a pain mate

    Cheers, Tims
    Alrite mate

    I came across your threads a few days ago, I am doing the exact same thing that you have done, got a 2006 A3 and I have gave it a 2010 facelift. I have got a couple of problems tho, a friend also told me to get the xenon headlight adapter cable from kufatec which I did but must of ordered the wrong ones as none of the lights are working apart from the dips. I've looked through your parts list to try and find out what exactly I need for the headlights and spotlights to work. If you could possible help me out mate with the details of the parts you used for your A3 as it looks quality, I'd appreciate it very much pal!

    Cheers, Tims
    Hello mate I was wondering if you would be kind enough and some free time to help me and have a quick look and do a VAGCOM scan to my car.
    I`m going away with the car this Friday and if someone can help with scan today or tomorrow evening will be perfect.

    Car is audi a6 3.0tdi quattro 2006, no mods/remaps done.

    There is no engine lights or what ever on the dash showing a problem. The car is bad on fuel and some times feels like is under power. I want to see what the scan will show up before I start changing MAF,MAP and etc. I believe that is possible this kind of sensors to be check with vag that they operate in the way they should? Thank you.
    Hi Mate

    I have a golf MK5 and I suspect the mass air flow sensor is on its way out but before I go and replace it I was wondering if I could log the full throttle test and check?

    I'm in Colindale so let me know if you are free one evening or wknd

    Hey, are you able to send me the pdf for the coming home lights. I've been wanting to do it to my car for a while as my golf had them :( its a 56 plat A3.



    I've got a A6 Avant 2008/57 Plate and require a full scan, I live near Harrow so can come down whenever you are free in the evening. I'm also happy to give you something for it. Let me know if this is cool with you.


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