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  • the part number on the new mufu steering wheel is 8PO 419 091 DQ TNA.

    U said something that slip ring with the part number: 1K0959653D would work for the SW. do i need a new module too?
    can you help med out with this one??
    btw the chassis / registration number for my car is: WAUZZZ8P98A043256. ( I HAD TO SPLIT THE POST IM SORRY)
    Thank you in advance!
    Hi mike. I saw u replied on a thread about the slip ring for a mufu steering wheel here somewhere.

    I have a few question about the mufu SW.

    I bought a mufu steering wheel for my audi a3 without mufu. The workshop said that it might work with some coding and maybe some wiring..he told me also that I need a new slip ring for the new mufu SW.
    hi mike

    just wondering if your near to rothwell and still have vcds due to eml on suspect lambda sensor just needs confirming on vagcom?
    oh car in question is s3 amk

    many thanks

    Hi Mike

    Just wandering if you are even still on here, how well did the K-Seal work after the time that you created this post? Just had to have a whole new catalyst and manifold catalysts put on my A3 and don't fancy another hefty bill to come through.

    Many thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by mike foster View Post

    Try a bottle of K-Seal which costs a tenner from most auto places. You just pour it into the top-up reservoir and it finds leaks and fixes them.

    I emailed Kalimex that makes the product and they said quote " it will be perfectly safe to use K-Seal in your engine and there is a high probability that it will fix the porous head problem " unquote.

    I shoved a bottle in 6 months ago in my 2005 BKD engine and haven't topped up since then !

    Worth a try for a tenner - hope it works

    Hi Mike, Do you still have VCDS. Are you able to do some live data on my injectors. Spent loads on this car and it's prob after prob now with an possible injector loom issue as it's misfiring

    Hi Mike,

    I have fitted the cruise and dis stalks and need them activating. I had a look on the map of people with vagcoms and saw your name do you do this or do you know anyone local to Bradford that does.

    Cheers Rick..........
    Hi mike i wonder if you could help me ..im trying to get a pcv for my 2.0 fsi but the audi guys have no idea i what this part is it sits under the rocker cover was told you have ekta awa engine 8e53a462838..my number is 07702209904 any help would be apperciated
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