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    Did you ever sort out the fluttering at 2k revs on the A3? Just started reading through the 22+ pages on the thread and I'm finding it hard going
    Hi there,

    You wouldnt be able to look up c.v. boot replacement on your elsa program would you? My passenger side has split the outer one :(

    Thanks in adavance,

    Hi Mike.
    I would like to help but i wouldn't know where to
    Quite why Nige thinks i would know about Car phones is a mystery as i dont even know what SDS is !! I do have vagcom but i have to admit its one of those things i have not had time to get acquainted with as comes with no instructions so its a case of trawling the web.
    If i was you i would go down to Bannings in walnut tree close where the guys are experts and fit this sort of stuff all the time, they helped me for free when i fitted my RNSE.

    sorry i cant be of more help
    Hi Paddy, hope you don't mind me contacting you but NHN gave me your name as someone who may be able to help with some VAG-com coding to sort out a RNS-E/Bluetooth SDS issue, see thread:
    I live in Guildford and am happy to travel and pay for your time if you are able to help. NHN suggested it may need some mic wire re-routing which I would need some guidance on also... Cheers Mike Booth
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