1. MrSaetervik

    OBDeleven - 48hour heads up

    I just saw this when I opened my OBDeleven app today, just thought I might share it to let people know, if you were planning to buy one
  2. L

    Vcds interface not found!

    Due to cost and lack of using vcds i brought a clone disc and works fine but when i ever i install it on a different laptop i always get the interface not found error. I had someone look at it amd they got it to work. Any ideas? Both work fine once set up. Thanks
  3. F

    VAGCOM support for 2017 Audi Model? does it still work

    Hi Peeps! I cant find the answer to this anyway so I do apologise if its duplicated I have an audi a5 2011 model, vcds has never let me down ! how ever I want to switch to a Q5 2017 Model + and wondered if the rosstech/vcds cables worked for this just as they did for the older models. I have...
  4. A

    Audi A1 Bi Xenons Incorrect Beam Pattern

    Hey guys, i've seen it posted on here before but no one ever really, from what i can see, ended up giving a conclusive answer to the question. I've had bi xenons installed (retrofitted) onto my car and the beam pattern is incorrect, showing as left hand drive. i was wondering how i change it...
  5. Q

    Vagcom in Leeds/bradford

    Has any got a VCDS in the bradford Leeds areas? I need a scan of coding for the Headlight module.
  6. y15usf

    VCDS on non VAG cars ?

    Hi guys, So i recently bought a VCDS and am awaiting delivery but in the meanwhile, I've been thinking of all the things i could use it for. My question is am i able to use it on non-vag cars for like reading codes and clearing codes, for example removing airbag light. Obviously i get you...
  7. Quattro_daily

    Any one able to programme some keys West Sussex

    I have a 2005/2006 b7 Only came with one key when purchased. I have a blank valet key ( waiting to be cut ) with correct transponder and also the correct three button fob with transponder (also waiting to be cut ) That need programming to the car Is there anyone with the skills to be...
  8. Srivastava Reddy Nalla

    VCDS near Milton Keynes

    Hi, I am looking anyone who can help activate my Visual MMI parking interface and also rear parking settings any recommendations are welcome. Looking Forward to hearing form you. Kind Regards, Sri
  9. ConorA3

    VAG COM - Lap timers, boost and needle sweep

    Hi guys, I found a video today that someone did the following Lap timers, boost and needle sweep on a 2004 a3 8p. I've found a video for 2008+ (mine is a 2006) as the guy was charging for the information. Would it work?
  10. O

    Headlight range control warning

    Hi just wondered if any one out there could help with some advice i have 2 A4 B5’s one avant and a saloon. I have a headlight range control warning on the instrument cluster but the system is working fine i have proved this by swapping each headlight and the rheostat but the caution remains i...
  11. Dynamo86

    How to turn off headlight DRL

    Hi, I've configured the car so that the fog lights are DRL instead of the headlight DRL's. The problem is that the original headlight DRL's are still on and look horrible because their yellow! Anyone know if it's possible to turn them off as DRL's? Cheers.
  12. H


    hi all! My audi 1.8t 8p has the red airbag warning light, however it says passanger airbag is on. Earlier this kept going off and on. Tried resetting with key, ive scanned it and it has said faulty switch Would like to know if anyone has vagcom and can scan it? I’m in the hayes area willing...
  13. J

    OBDEleven - Newcastle Area

    Just taking a shot in the dark here, but does anyone happen to have OBDEleven in the Newcastle area and is willing to give me a hand? I'm happy to donate some beer token!
  14. S

    Help wanted with VAGCOM fault codes

    Hi All, I've run a scan on my "new" Audi A3 and have recovered the following fault codes. I have the Engine Management light on on the dash so I know there is an issue with the engine faults, however I dont want to change evergything! Does anyone have any suggestions as to: 1 - how to work out...
  15. A

    VCDS / Vag-com help in Bolton/Chorley/Wigan area

    Hi all, It's been a while since I last owned an Audi and I'm just about to return to the marque and buy what will be my fourth Audi. My last Audi was an A5 3.0tdi and a very helpful forum member near Leeds helped me access the hidden MMI menu and change a couple of settings. I would like...
  16. itchyhippo

    Hill Hold Assist - VCDS?

    Chaps, Is Hill Hold Assist programmable with VCDS? I've heard conflicting info about it on the S1. Cheers! Alex
  17. Nath94

    How to enable tourist mode

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me... I'm driving to France in July and I understand that I have to have tourist mode enabled to drive in Europe so that I don't blind oncoming drivers. I have a 2010 black edition A3 sportback with the drl/xenon headlights. Does anybody know how to code...
  18. aqibi2000

    Audi A3 abs module air bags deployed vagcom Impact speed

    hello I have a unusual question. I would like to know what information I can collect via vagcom regarding the abs module: I want to know the speed of impact when the air bags were deployed on a car which was hit along with any other handy information. Thanks
  19. B

    MAF Sensor Help

    MAF Sensor Help- I keep getting this fault, i have not loss of power at all and the sensor seems to be working fine from the log i have run I have replaced the MAF sensor and still no joy Help much appreciated audi a3 2.0 tdi Thanks! 000257 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70) P0101 -...
  20. AudiTurbo8

    VAGCOM Help!!! RNS-E

    Hi Guys, I've just fitted an RNS-E to my 61 plate A3. The AUX no longer works and I've been told it needs reprogramming. Is there anyone in the Loughborough area who can help me with this? Thanks in advance! Jamie