1. aqibi2000

    Cruise Control Enabling Hell - Done everything I can think of :(

    I installed cruise control stalk in my 2006 8P Quattro Sportback, with DIS from factory Board computer - MPG, Avg Fuel consumption , trip. - I've enabled it in the engine block using the short coding code = '11463' (it now shows G in the component code so it means it is enabled) - Also in the...
  2. S

    VAG users in Sutton (Surrey)

    Hello. Are there any persons living in Sutton (Surrey) that have a VAG cable and PC to read some codes on my Audi? I will of course pay for the privilege. Many thanks.
  3. Nathan Bailey

    Testing PD Injectors?

    Does anyone know how to test fuel injectors on a PD engine? They use Unit Injectors so you cannot do a leak back test. I have recently had them tested at a local garage and they tested the fuel return via the OBD using a laptop so does anyone know which program will show this sort of...
  4. pilla

    Vagcom code pull, any experts out there!?

    Managed to get the old vagcom firing on the laptop, I have pulled these codes with the ignition on and map sensor and throttle body unplugged, the EPC light was initially on before i stripped it down to replace rocker gaskets and clean some components. Any experts out there, or am i best doing...
  5. pilla

    Vagcom access denied, please help.

    Hello folks, Ive done all the main stuff and spoke to my car via the laptop, pulled some codes but it wont give me full access (409.1) Keep getting access denied on the bat loop, Ive got the big long code to register but dont know how to do it. Could anybody help, or pm me some advice? Lecturers...